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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ayesha18 3 / 10 / 10


This movie made entirely no sense. First, let me admit that I missed a good amount of it. I jumped in on the hospital scene. During this scene the child's parents are being tested to see who would be the best blood match for the child. After being tested the doctor states that the "father's" blood type matched the son's, with both of them being O+ but the father states that he is AB- (or something like that) so he can't be the boy's father. How did the doctor's get O+ for him? This part just makes no sense. Thn, it's revealed that his brother is the boy's father and his wife met his brother and got pregnant by the brother before she met and married him. So if that happened before she met and married him how did he think the boy was his? Unless he met her and had sex with her within at least a month of her being with his brother, and in all that time between dating and getting married she never once saw his brother or a pic of him? This is all just implausible.

Reviewed by rmcneil-75310 10 / 10 / 10

Must see

I know I am late, but this movie was amazing. It was not your predictable African American film. A list stars and the music was poppin. So proud of you Mal, God bless you and keep them coming.

Reviewed by heavenl-51901 10 / 10 / 10

Good movie, love the music

This was a great movie! House did a bang up job! I wish it was longer. Where can we get this music featured on the movie?

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