Secrets in the Woods


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stoshie 4 / 10 / 10

The Invisible Knockout

Toward the end of the movie Brant is kneeling on top of Sandra, who is laying on the ground. He's trying to kill her with a hatchet. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, as he swings the hatchet, he acts like he is hurt, and moves off her, doubled over in pain. That gives her time to grab a rock and hit him over the head (never doing so hard enough or often enough to incapacitate him; that would break one of the rules of Lifetime movies; he has to be able to get up and attack again after she runs away). I've played that scene multiple times, in slow motion. I see nothing that happens that would cause him to react the way he does. He swings the hatchet, stops well before it reaches her, and moves away from her. She moves as he swings the hatchet, but does not kick him, hit him, or hurt him in any way. So what caused him to fall off of her? Bad writing? Or did I miss something, even as often as I watched that scene? If anyone knows, leave a review, and I'll check back periodically to see if there is a rational reason for what happened. Though "rational" and "Lifetime movie" are terms that don't do together. Another thing that bothered me was that the remote "cabin", which was as large and well-decorated as most houses, had no access road, yet was clean, well-built, and perfectly furnished. Even the houseplants were healthy and obviously well taken care of. But did Sandra notice or question any of this, after she had to hike through the woods, without even a trail, to get to the cabin? Nah. That would have violated Lifetime formula rules, too. I don't expect much from these movies. And I got exactly what I expected. With more plot holes than usual.

Reviewed by arant_jga 7 / 10 / 10

Mountain man romantic getaway gone wrong!!!

Sandra meets country boy Brant who takes her for a weekend getaway to his family's cabin. Trouble is he brought her up there with ulterior motives in mind and holds her captive. How will she escape? This is one bizarre Lifetime movie with many plot holes where you do writers think up weird scripts like this let alone find actors to sign on? Skip it.

Reviewed by deedrala 7 / 10 / 10

Good story, well acted but usual plot holes

I submitted the 2 goofs earlier today after watching this movie for the second time (which I sometimes like to do with certain flicks), and decided to write a review when I saw Stoshie's review about the invisible knockout. I played it back multiple times in slo-mo also, and I saw her drawing her left leg up as he climbed on top of her, then she turned on her left side and raised her right hip to his inner thigh. Apparently that was supposed to be the move that debilitated him and kept him from hitting her with the axe, but it was awfully weak and wouldn't have stopped anyone in real life. So a huge gaping plot hole that they didn't even bother to mask with an actual believable obstacle preventing him from killing her with his weapon (tsk tsk, Lifetime's getting lazy) - only the fact that it's the first most important rule of LMN movies, that the lead actress/heroine can NEVER EVER be killed by the bad guys. Injured, bleeding, hit/punched/slapped/kicked, starving, tied or chained up, sometimes (but rarely) even raped, but never killed. The other gaping plot hole was the sister, Becky, magically finding Sandra out in the middle of nowhere. She even said near the end when Sandra complained that no one would ever find them - "I found you, so...." I expected her to go on to explain just how she had found her, but of course she didn't. So I went ahead and filled in the blank by assuming she had somehow waited around near the gas station and followed Carl there since she arrived at the cabin shortly after he had, but why she would do that not knowing he was going to the location of her sister, I don't know. I can only fill in the gaping plot holes up to a point, since I didn't write the thing to begin with. Other than those 2 plot holes and the 2 goofs that I posted elsewhere here, the movie was pretty good with good acting all around and a unique, original plot. 7 out of 10 / Grade B-

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