Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supertaz80 5 / 10 / 10

Very popularised 'set up', not great archaeological method

It's a Netflix show so we should probably expect entertainment over rigorous archaeology, however.... this show was problematic. To start with, it's a highly interesting discovery and site. Theres a lot of interesting finds that are significant for history of Egypt especially in the tomb of Wahtye. As another reviewer said, the excavators seem very enthusiastic and keen- and as Egyptians, so they should be. I liked that Egyptians were involved in this dig, and that it was filmed largely in Arabic. This is their nations history, so that's important and refreshing. However! There were so many elements that were questionable in terms of history and archaeology. * the forced 'conspiracy' theory is a stretch. Trying not to add a spoiler- the 'conspiracy' around the scene of the man and woman at the offering table- their conclusions are weird. The logical conclusion is it is his dad? But their first and second conclusion seem very unfounded. it made me question their credentials, their logical capability, and/or the highly constructed nature of the doco. Are they playing up conspiracy for viewers? * they kept touching things without gloves. Like what? Archaeology 101 is wear gloves - our hands have oils which can be destructive to artefacts. My high school archaeology students know this.... * they opened a sarcophagus /exposed a mummy, in the middle of the desert / sunlight, compromising preservation. Oh and its 'discovery' seemed highly staged along with the nicely placed ushabtis in the background. * there appeared to be little record keeping and site photography. I know they were filming, but archaeological records and reports require mappings, site surveys, diagrams and photos. I can concede some of this *may* have been edited for audience 'interest', but given everything else, I'm not betting a lot on it. The narrative and conclusions of a conspiracy are dodgy, or at least, not well formed in the doco. The structure, 'script'/dialogue and editing is highly popularised for the non academic. The final WTH, was at the end, when archaeologists were thanking Wahtye for a lifetime discovery, and saying he'd be happy you dug him up and made him famous? Um no. Wahtye and his fellow citizens spent a long time putting effort into their tombs and burials for a reason. They needed to be well stocked, appropriately decorated, mummy contained and preserved, in order for their spirits (ka,ba,akh) to survive. Archaeology disrupts that. Wahtye would probably be furious. You disturbed his tomb. You dug up and dumped his, and his families bones in crates, before playing with them to assemble them. I find it interesting an Egyptologist would claim he'd be happy with it. In all, it's an interesting discovery, and if you aren't an historian/archaeologist/or interested in those professions, you'll probably find this fabulous. If you have any knowledge or experience in these fields, you'll probably be face palming a lot. But still, you should probably watch it for the fabulous footage of the tomb and some amazing finds there (no spoilers!).

Reviewed by sherripadgitt 10 / 10 / 10

Seemed very staged

A lot of this documentary seemed staged and dodgy. I love learning about Egyptian finds and its history, but something about this show left me feeling uneasy. One thing in particular was the lack of wearing gloves when handling artifacts and the lack of care they had when handling them. Bones were tossed and handled with bare hands. Large tools were used to shovel big loads of sand away with chunks of whatever with it to be discarded. It seemed sloppy. Another issue I had was that there was no actual bone analysis done in a lab. There could have been so much more learned about those bones if they had them tested in a lab. Instead a woman sits down on the very site they were found, and lays them out on the floor without a care in the world to try to reassemble them and "get to know them". I can't even go there with that....just ridiculous. Then uncovering the mummy out in the desert in the middle of the day with wind and sun and hands all over. The finds were amazing...I will give the film that. The tombs and statues are beautiful and it is mesmerizing to see artifacts that are so old, but they need to be treated as such.

Reviewed by AJ_McAninch 10 / 10 / 10

What they got right.

Fascinating documentary with terrific archaeological discoveries. What I liked about this one is the joy of the scientists and their workers as well as the compassion and respect they all held for the long-dead Egyptians. At one point, one of the women scientists says science had it wrong before: the beautiful paintings and statues are not about their ancestors' lives but about their dreams....Because they believed more in the afterlife than they did in the earthly life. Simple yet poignant.

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