Seduced by Lies


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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March 30, 2021


Christopher Russell as Ryan Hill
Josie Davis as Cindy Kent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stalen 1 / 10 / 10

Worst American (or Canadian) TV movie ever seen !!!

I can't believe nowadays anyone can record such a crap! 100% predictable scenes, annoying, watched till the end with torment only to write this review. Waste of time watching, worst even than any Mexican/Brazilian TV lemonade! Also bad acting, bad scenery... Can't remember any worst TV movie ever watched. I was hoping there would be any turnaround....nothing!!! Even at the end no surprises, the worst end even seen, really! This movie made me sick. Sorry for the actors, they could do much better, anyone of them in any other movie for sure...hmmm maybe the only emotional scene was that soft erotic part between Laura and her lover...

Reviewed by Lou103-940-936774 2 / 10 / 10

Poor film - spoiler

Oh dear what a terrible film. Girl sells her business goes home, meets bloke in a bar he moves into the family outhouse, kills her best friend, tries to steal some diamonds fight occurs he falls of a banister onto a marble floor, she runs out to greet the police and when they go in, he has gone The end I fell asleep whilst watching as wasn't well and don't feel like I missed anything. Gets only 2 stars and gets this due to the fact it was kind of watchable and I didn't switch off. You need to be bored very bored to enjoy this film

Reviewed by WatchingInPerth 2 / 10 / 10

Weak script, average acting, a cliché a minute

If you like to have the TV running in the background while you are doing stuff around the house, then this movie would be fine for that. Every character is a cariciature, the plot is one cliché after another & the script is woeful- soap opera woeful. I do have to defend the lead actors butt! It's a sad day when a woman as slender as that is described as having a big butt. Honestly, there are probably better shows you could use as background noise; the script becomes really irritating at times. The only reason I even got to 'see' most of this movie is because I was working on the computer, it was true background noise & so was somewhat tuned out. Speaking as a middle aged woman, it is offensive to suggest that 'we' would enjoy such tripe. I'd have to be lobotomised first.

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