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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisdillon33 1 / 10 / 10

don't even consider watching this movie.

This is the one of the worst movies ever, their is no script in the sense that the writers were even thinking of the anyone but themselves, the acting was so bad but to be honest that comes down to the script and the producers and especially the director, watching paint dry or just sitting watching a clock for 90 minutes would be more entertaining. if you paid to watch this movie too bad a waste of time, money, and energy, that also goes for the people involved in the making of this movie. in end credits of some movies you see a disclaimer saying no animals have been harmed in the making of the movie in question, to be honest they should put all people working on and viewing this movie were mental health problems cause this was depressing to watch. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.......EVER.

Reviewed by nathanbiles 1 / 10 / 10

Alot of wasted potential

A Story that could have had the potential to make a great film let down by terrible dialogue and worse acting. If you can get past that and enjoy b grade movies give it a watch.

Reviewed by john-breslin-1 1 / 10 / 10

Confusing, pointless and tiresome way to waste your time

Really dreadful, interesting premise with so many loose ends as to make the story really dull. Characters that look like they will get involved and then fade away, why things happen make little sense. I have no idea why anyone (apart from friends and family of the cast) would ever look at this. I continually hoped it would get better and then it ended, which was a relief!

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