Seven Days: Monday - Thursday


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aries_Primal 2 / 10 / 10

Slow and not interesting teen movie

I had not big expectations but it was a failure from the beginning to the end. It was slow, nothing actually happend to keep my attention, they walk, they talk, they think, they sit on stairs or fences, look at each other... It'a waste of time. I like movies with some idea, not only pretty faces. Asian movies lost me at all.

Reviewed by visual_addict 7 / 10 / 10

Make sure to watch the second part too

When one watches this movie it may feel incomplete but there is another part of it, Seven Days: Friday- Sunday, that is necessary to be seen in order to understand the story completely. It is a subtle movie like Japanese movies it takes you to a realm of emotions with a teen storyline. Overall a good movie to watch, could have been better, but you can definitely give it a watch.

Reviewed by schorschi100 7 / 10 / 10

When young people discover their own feelings and learn to communicate them.

This review pertains to both "seven days: Monday-Thursday" and "seven days: Friday-Sunday". I recently watched this movie, which was a pleasant change to most BL ones. Two very popular male high schoolers, whose lives are "date but not stay", in a half-joke-half-serious manner agree to date for a week (mind, they normally date girls). Over the next seven days they unexpectedly learn to look behind each other's facade and to take chances. The focus is on communication, feelings and how to cross your own barriers, while coming out is never an issue (the barriers are about trust and fear of getting hurt alone, nothing to do with own acceptance or social tolerance). One should always bear in mind that the film is Japanese with obviously a Japanese target group. It is pertinent to a culture, in which people do not talk feelings, and where preserving face is of utmost importance. Hence, there is little going on compared to western fast paced emotional outbursts. Here, emotions evolve gradually, thoughts are expressed by means of inner dialogs (often the line between thoughts and real dialogs becoming blurry) and heroes' actions can be understood, however not always fully comprehended by a westerner. The acting is really good: the two kids manage to keep up the tension without the support of anyone else (in fact there are practically no other main characters at all). Definitely worth watching. Although it won't make you sob for long, your heart will probably skip a beat.

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