Shadow of Doubt


Mystery / Thriller

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November 1, 2021



James Morrison as Paul Saxon
Jenny Sullivan as Foreman - Mayer's Trial
Paul Pape as (voice) (as Paul Pappe)
Tia Texada as Conchita Perez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon 5 / 10 / 10

Watchable, but too contrived.

Not every actor was meant to play every role. Richard Gere, for example, was ideal as a high-profile, hotshot lawyer in "Primal Fear"; Melanie Griffith plays the female version of more or less the exact same role here, and she makes a valiant try, but the result is just posing, not acting. The film is watchable, thanks mostly to good direction by Randal Kleiser, who gives it the look and feel of a picture destined for theatrical release, even though it barely got any. But it is weakly plotted, and relies on all sorts of contrivances to move along (criminals who are carelessly spilling their guts out about crimes they committed, etc.). And what's worse, it doesn't play fair with the audience; the resolution is based on clues we had no way of knowing about. At least Tom Berenger proves that he is still a dependable actor. (**)

Reviewed by sol-kay 6 / 10 / 10

My confession to you was a vital part of my emotional growth

**SPOILER ALERT** Over-plotted and confusing crime conspiracy flick about the rich famous and infamous involved in a presidential campaign that's connected to the death of a major political contributers wild suicidal and drug addicted daughter. When Jana Calloway,Sandra Guibord, is found brutally murdered in her outdoor gazebo all the evidence points to up and coming rap singer Bobby Madena, Wade Dominguez, a former drug dealer who was last seen with her at a local L.A night club. An open and shut case at first Madena gets top defense attorney Kitt Devereux, Malanie Griffith,to defend him. This throws the entire case into limbo for the overconfident D.A, Kitt's ex-husband, Jack Campioni, Tom Berenger, who's representing the state. Madena is anything but helpful to Kitt in refusing to take a manslaughter rap, that Kitt agreed to, that would end up putting him behind bars for eight years instead life or the gas chamber if he's convicted of murder one. Protesting his innocence Madena want's to go all the way to a jury trail refusing to admit to a crime that he didn't commit. Jana's father Norman Calloway, James Karen, is a major contributor to Senator Paul Saxon's, James Morrison, presidential campaign and it later turns out that the senator was more then just a friend of Jana. Saxon was involved in a love affair with Jana that, when he threatened to break it off,lead to her attempted suicide. The fact that Madena has a very good chance of getting off with Jana's murder is stymied with him not laying low and keeping out of trouble. Madena first opens his big mouth on a tabloid TV show about his past as a macho man and woman abuser that doesn't help his case at all. Later Madena is found stoned out of his skull with his girlfriend Bridget Paul, Kimberley Kates, dead from a stab wound next to him in her home that's an exact replica of the Jana Calloway murder. All these sordid events turn out to be connected to Senator Saxon who's family and close supporters will go to any lengths to keep his presidential campaign from self-destructing with his secret relationship with Jana being exposed in Bobby Madena's trial. Kitt who's determined to get her client Bobby Madena off, knowing that he's innocent,is now being blackmailed by a former client Laird Atkins, Craig Sheffer, an accused rapist that she got off. Atkins not only admitted that he indeed raped the person whom he was indited for and found innocent of sexually assaulting but also had a sexual affair with Kitt which, if it became public, can have her law licenses suspended. Atkins is also being used by the Saxon crowd to keep Kitt from implicating their man, Senator Paul Saxon, in Jana's murder. The truth is a lot more sinister and evil then even Kitt could have ever suspected in that it was not just the senator who were behind Jana Calloway murder it was the states top law enforcer who actually committed it! The ending of the movie with Madena being exonerated of both Jana and Bridgets murders is a total cop-out with Kitt getting her hands on a very flimsy piece of evidence that reveals who Jana's killer, Bridget was murdered by Atkins, really is. The unbelievably conclusion of the film will satisfy those of us who like to see justice done to powerful criminals in high places but seeing it happen you just know that it's straight out of fantasy land.

Reviewed by triple8 6 / 10 / 10

predictable legal thriller that's not bad as a late night but probably could have been better

SPOILERS THROUGH: I didn't think this was to bad. It's not a great picture but it's watchable. Basically, this is a legal "who done it" and it's pretty predictable all around but the plot, though unoriginal, is engrossing and keeps one watching. I'd rate this neither as excellent or dreadful. It's just OK. The main problems are the lack of believability through the whole movie as well as the predictable story line. The movie also moves Quite quickly and there are not many surprises. One always knows exactly where this movie is going and it never fails to go there. Melodie Griffith stars as the defense attorney and I guess one's enjoyment of the movie will depend on how big a fan one is of Griffith because it seems like she is in almost every scene and though I had a difficult time buying her as a lawyer I did not think she was awful. There wasn't a heck of a lot to work with. So the lack of complexity and the fast moving story line gives the audience a watchable but not spectacular movie. The revelation of the murderers was done well and I honestly did not expect almost everyone to be involved but it wasn't a shocker either. There is also a seaminess about the movie and a "late night" feel that one cannot get away from. It's a decent watch as a late night B movie but probably could have been better If there had been more of an effort to make the movie feel less contrived and if more originality had been added to the picture as a whole. The direction I must mention because it was excellent and easily the best aspect of the movie. I'd neither recommend this or not recommend it. People who dig predictable legal thrillers may like this and people who are not Griffith fans or who like their movies with more complexity and suspense may not. My vote is around a 6.5 as a whole. One could do better or they could do worse.

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