Shaft's Big Score!

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Joe Santos as Pascal
Joseph Mascolo as Gus Mascola
Moses Gunn as Henry Watson
Richard Roundtree as John Shaft, Sr
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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Richard Roundtree-Shaft battling bad guys and again directed by Gordon Parks

The second outing concerns about Shaft , the African-American independent eye-private . This time confronts sinister mobsters , battling black (again Bumpy, Moses Gunn) and white (Mascolo , Joe Santos) gangs . Fiercy Shaft finds a dead friend , a brother his sweet-girl , he ran under legitimate business , a funeral home and all types of insurances , however he hid stakes issues in Queens . Two-fisted Shaft in order to avenge his friend , vows revenge and investigates the deeds . Meanwhile , a police captain (Julius Harris) suspects on Shaft . Extremely tough Shaft spontaneously encounters himself in the middle of a bands war and running afoul of the underworld . This one features thrills , hair-raising suspense , raw energy , nudism, adult subject matter and lots of violence . Plenty of intrigue, kinky sex and noisy action ; Shaft keeps things moving along , until final fight on a pier with a breathtaking pursuit by helicopter . Violent , tough screenplay by Stirling Shilliphant based on characters created by Ernest Tidyman . Great and enjoyable musical score by the same director Gordon Parks in Isaac Hayes style , recently deceased. Hayes's theme song stills resonates today . Followed by superior third part 'Shaft in Africa (John Guillermin)' with Vonetta McGee and Frank Finlay ; besides contemporary and revisionist version by John Singleton (2000) with Samuel L. Jackson and as secondary Richard Roundtree as Shaft's uncle . Furthermore , seven television episodes (1973 , 74 years) starred by Roundtree . The Shaft series turned out to be one the best black films from the early 70s.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10 / 10

I dug it.

Just recently, I've been yearning for some quality blaxploitation, but have lucked out with my last couple of choices: TNT Jackson was a completely dreadful Coffy wannabe and The Black Cobra, starring Fred Williamson, wasn't even a proper blaxploitation (that'll teach me not to do my homework first). This time around, I was more careful with my selection: Shaft is the cool cat who never disappoints (just ask the long line of ladies he leaves in his wake!). In this, his second adventure, the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks (once again played by Richard Roundtree) becomes involved in a gang war after an old friend is blown to pieces by a bomb. As John Shaft sets about settling the score with the killers, he gets sexy with a few hot mamas, proves tasty with his fists, blows away some bad guys (resulting in some nice 'n' bloody gunshot wounds), uncovers a hidden stash of cash, drives a speedboat at high speed and shoots a helicopter out of the sky. It's not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it is hugely entertaining, with great characters and winning performances all round, some impressively mounted action sequences (the bigger budget really shows), several pretty ladies jiggling their bits around, and that all important funky score.

Reviewed by lastliberal 7 / 10 / 10

Back on his home turf

This is the proper sequel to Shaft and one that is worthy of his name. He is again the cool and calm brother that doesn't let anything bother him. He even gets worked over good by the baddies. Moses Gunn is back as Bumpy, a Blofeld character, and antagonist extraordinaire. And, of course, it's the old song about the Mafia horning in on Black turf that makes Shaft interesting - playing against both sides; black and white. Rosalind Miles is here to keep Shaft interested at home, but you know he will stray, so there is Kathy Imrie to bump into and bed. The ending with it's car chase and helicopter and machine guns is pure Bond, and Shaft outdoes Bond with a satchel full of loot to take home. Pure fun!

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