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Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10 / 10

It started alright, then it went downhill...

This movie started out so great, it had that whole "Jaws"-theme going on, and it really looked like it was going to be a movie that would pay homage to the classic "Jaws" movies, then it all came crashing down hard and went downhill. "Shark Night" is without a doubt one of the stupidest story lines I have ever seen in a shark movie. The whole plot was just so far-fetched that it didn't even come off remotely plausible. That whole "oh-you-hurt-me-years-ago-and-now-it-is-payback-time" plot didn't work at all! It was ludicrous and it really made the movie bad. Another thing that the movie had working against it was the darkness. Most of the movie was shot at night with little or no lighting at all, and you couldn't really see what was going on at times. That was so lame. When you sit down to watch movies you don't want to be kept in the dark and have little chance to see what's going on. Had they kept the movie in daylight it would have worked so much better. As for the characters in the movie, well you hardly got to immerse yourself in any of the characters, aside from Sara (played by Sara Paxton) and to some extend Dennis (played by Chris Carmack). The rest of the characters were nothing more than bystanders with shallow stories to contribute to the plot. The cast themselves were good, though. The people they had cast for the various roles actually did good jobs, and that was the main thing that "Shark Night" had working for it. Having seen "Shark Night" now I feel very disappointed and cheated out of my time, because this movie was disappointing on so many levels. It is only once in awhile that there is a really nice shark movie to hit the market, "Shark Night" however, wasn't one of them. And the ending of the movie, are you kidding me? Come on! I am not going to spoil it here by revealing it, but wow, that was an ending you saw coming a mile away, and it was just so anti-climatic.

Reviewed by Tim Kerr-Thomson 8 / 10 / 10


"Shark" movies have a history of being bad. Some are so bad they're fun to watch but many are just awful. This movie is not like that. The effects, acting and story are O.K.

Reviewed by kardayathomas 8 / 10 / 10

Not meant to be taken seriously

If your looking for a legitimate thrill you'll be sadly disappointed. This film is only for those looking for a cheap thrill. A group of college friends head out to the water for the weekend. But soon discover that they've been invited to dinner. Lots of negative reviews from those who seemed to have taken it to seriously. Just a cheap popcorn guilty pleasure.

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