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Chloe Pirrie as Sheila Birling
Joseph Mawle as George Orwell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tombsoft 7 / 10 / 10

Compelling awkwardness

I recorded this not knowing what it was about, then set down to watch it 3 months later. As the movie progressed, clearly slower than most action movies, my curiosity and expectation turned into a growing sense of awkwardness as the scenes unfolded. A young woman unaware of - or grappling with her own sexuality becomes the focus of male urges in forbidden, fleeting or equally desperate desires. The location of desolate isolation intensifies the storyline of her yearning to break free from her roadside, family-tied prison-without-walls young life, and the pace becomes irrelevant or perhaps magnetizing. Genuine tension fills the air with each customer visit with growing concern of the outcome. This movie is a triumph in awkwardness. Well done Director.

Reviewed by pale_pixie 10 / 10 / 10

Complicated story, beautiful setting and very moving

First, I just want to say that as a Scottish person, the father Pete sounded very English. I know now that he is from England, but you'd think that they could have found someone who could at least "sound" Scottish to play a Scottish man. Other than that, the location and beauty of the countryside, the photography, the flora and fauna is typical and unique to Scotland. Breathtaking. Many people in the cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh don't venture out too far into the highlands and they really should at least once in their lives. The story has a lot of twists and turns. The relationship is complicated between the daughter and father. All she knows is her little corner of the planet but now that she is 17, she has urges and yearnings for more from life. The father is really torn as he has done as much as he can to protect her all her life, home schooling her and even though he has constant personal struggles with his health, being a young man raising a daughter, he knows the day will come when she will have to leave. I was sad that he chose his own ending, thereby freeing both of them at the same time. The final part is when she realizes that staying where she is, the boyfriend will just replace the dad and her life will go nowhere, you are really glad to see her take the plunge. The ending does leave you satisfied. The whole story leaves you satisfied. No loose ends.

Reviewed by clifee57 10 / 10 / 10

crafted consideration of existential questions, a cinematic treat

I rolled along at a comfortable slow burning pace, lapping up this visual naturalistic treat, which caught the light and spaciousness of the Highlands beautifully. Top acting especially from Shell, so committed, yet so "at ease" too. I like films that trigger a process, where in time insights emerge. Ties to blood & soil or freedom to a new relatedness to the world, devotion, purpose, meaning, self acceptance. I was engrossed by each interesting, believable character. The scene where the guy who'd bought Shell some jeans and went on to invade her space by a prolonged hug was quite moving despite its awkwardness, as the empathy conveyed by Shell was a rare phenomena and it's so refreshingly to see.

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