Sherlock The Abominable Bride

Crime / Drama / Mystery

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April 3, 2020


Andrew Scott as Professor Moriarty
Benedict Cumberbatch as Phil Burbank
Lara Pulver as Tetra
Natasha O'Keeffe as Emelia Ricoletti
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Iridium_077 5 / 10 / 10

Mediocre compared to what was promised...

With all the hype that drives one of the BBC's most popular franchise, it's realistic to expect a high standard for a special episode set in 1890, the "classic Sherlock era". However, like recent Doctor Who episodes, a firework display was advertised whilst the equivalent of lighting a BBQ being delivered. Metaphors aside, the episode started off with a "previously on Sherlock" display just in case we forgot what happened in the long... LONG wait since the last one. I personally didn't enjoy that but I let it slide considering I could't remember half the stuff in previous episodes anyway. Then it was time for the actual episode. And wow did it start off great! Revisiting the first episode almost word-for-word, except in 1890. That was clever. Then the plot was introduced, classic Sherlock envisioning the crime scene as it was described and the VFX team having a field day with the wizard effects. Nice. The rest of the episode was actually alright. Brilliant cinematography, purposely disorientating the audience. Clap for you BBC. But then Sherlock woke up in the present day on the plane from S03E03. What? Wait, what? Oh he was in his mind palace the entire time... But was he? This was the part that I felt Steven Moffat was reading a tonne of fan-fiction on one screen, writing on the other with "Inception" playing on his TV in the background. But this wasn't clever. It was horrid, I had no idea what was going on! That is what I didn't enjoy at all. To finish it all off, in the modern era, they start to play the credit music, then jump back to 1890 with Sherlock discussing his version of the "future" with Watson before flying out of 221B Baker Street revealing the modern city era again. Make up your mind! My point is. Stop making your episodes so complex that it's impossible and irrational to understand it. I am no simple man, I just enjoy flicking on the TV and watching some rational television from a previously brilliant series. This isn't Doctor Who, no more time travel please. You have a great cast, great camera work and a great story going for you. Get back on track for Series 4 Sherlock team, please?

Reviewed by ashleymarsh-88381 10 / 10 / 10


I was really disappointed in this episode of the BBC series Sherlock Holmes. I am a fan of the series, and I love the quirky modern take to the traditional Sherlock Holmes. The Abdominable Bride was awful. The opening threw me completely off-kilter and didn't tie into the previous episode until about 20 minutes in. Then it proceeded to jump back and forth between modern Sherlock and Victorian Era Sherlock, which was incredibly painful. Further, it had so much "borrowed" and re-used content from the series I felt completely cheated. There were no new Sherlock moments to enjoy or appreciate, it was all rehashed content with a slight Victorian Era twist. Really really frustrating. I would also argue that there was no new depth or character added to anyone until perhaps the last 5 minutes, and even then I question whether this will even truly matter for future episodes. I question whether this will be like the first episode of Star Wars. No need to watch it to understand anything going forward.

Reviewed by jc-osms 10 / 10 / 10

Playing those mind games forever

The BBC has been trailing the return of three (okay, four) of its most popular detective heroes in a clever advertisement showing Stella Gibson from "The Fall", John Luther and Sherlock (and Dr Watson). "The Fall" re-starts next week although it is my least anticipated of the three, while "Luther's" comeback was very good but this dazzlingly brilliant episode was the best thing I've watched this Christmas. The writing really was terrific with a plot that had more ups and downs than a mountain range, more ins and outs than Hampton Court Maze and more twists and turns than a dozen corkscrews, in short it was a triumph. Starting with a Victorian-era impossible murder with an even more impossible murderer, guest appearances by all the previous supporting cast including a massively-bloated Mycroft, surely a homage to Sydney Greenstreet and the return of the master-criminal we've all missed, a premonition of another husband-slaying in a big old house after dark, a recreation of the real Reichenbach Fall climax of yore, an ingenious denouement anticipating female suffrage years later but perhaps the best thing of all was the promise of a new series to come. As ever, the technical aspects of the production were great, I'm a sucker for the multiple camera-angle, 360 degrees perspective, time-freezing, computer graphics and microscopic zoom shots employed. There was humour a-plenty and hosts of references to the Conan-Doyle original, including, if I'm not mistaken, the first time this Sherlock has ever said "Elementary my dear Watson". The playing by Cumberbatch, Freeman and Andrew Scott as the three main protagonists was never better. I'm sure there will be Sherlock-oligists who can pick apart the complexities of the plot, which for sure seemed at times like a read-across from Moffat and Gatiss's other re-creation Dr Who, but let them, they won't spoil it for me. This was the best "Sherlock" I've yet seen and sets an almost impossibly high standard for what may come after this. Doesn't matter if they don't however, this one was so good it really was the perfect after-Christmas present.

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