Shock Troops


Drama / History / Thriller / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesAQ 9 / 10 / 10

Un homme de trop

The writer of the IMDb intro obviously did not watch the movie, as the enigmatic "homme de trop" played wonderfully by Michel Piccoli is not an enemy agent. And why is it labelled here as "shock troops" - an irrelevant title? This marvellous action movie has recently (march 2017) been screened in a restored version on French-German TV channel ARTE. Costa Gavras knows how to buld excitement and the editing is slick. A lot of resources must have gone into the movie which was an Italian-French co-production. The concluding battle with German forces features tanks, aircraft and hundreds of infantry - all very impressive. The closing shot was filmed at the impressive Viaduc de Garabit in the south of France which has been used in several other movies.

Reviewed by happytrigger-64-390517 8 / 10 / 10

Costa-Gavras masterpiece but invisible

Ending 2015 by watching "Un Homme De Trop" is a great piece of luck, this Costa-Gavras still being invisible. I really don't understand why this exceptional war movie shot with absolute genius remains invisible. Be patient, it must get released one day, every powerful movie addicts must rediscover this fantastic and suspenseful war drama, fast-paced from beginning to end. How can we imagine "Un Homme De Trop" staying invisible for again thirty years when so many invisible but dull movies get released (well, there are some exceptions of course). But I believe in Costa-Gavras great reputation, this forgotten gem will soon have a fabulous come-back, it deserves it. The cinematography and editing are so brilliant, the action is tense and very fast-paced, the actors follow that dynamic direction. No particular principal character, just Resistance in the Cévennes mountains. I was so surprised by Brialy tense interpretation, like Cremer, Brasseur, Blain, Piccoli of course, and Vanel as the old timer. Only one woman, not really useful, but it is Julie Dassin, Jules's daughter. What a great day when it will be shown again on a giant screen. Thank you for the following friends for being fan of this masterpiece : Philippe, Marc, Jean-Pierre and that unknown guy from south.

Reviewed by marijus-kulvietis 8 / 10 / 10

the most wanted film in my life

I can't say this film is my most favorite in the cinema history. But definitely i can say-this movie is number one in my most wanted list. I never was so depressed and unlucky, as searching for this old and very nice french film by Costa-Gavras. I failed to find this film. I heard this film is lost. Strange. It was showed in many countries and i still hope. Maybe in some country, some people or organizations still have a copy of it. This is one of the best films by Costa-Cavras. And one of the best war thrillers of all time. I would be more then grateful, if anybody can tell any link, any tips or idea: where and how to find and see this movie again.

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