Shockwave: Darkside

Action / Horror / Science Fiction

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December 28, 2020



Bill Sage as Guy's Pal
Mei Melançon as The Machine
Sonequa Martin-Green as Kamiyah James
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sevagc 1 / 10 / 10

Some people should never make movies

Watched this "movie" at FrightFest 2014 (a "world premiere" and I hope the last ever showing), it was by far the worst movie shown and an embarrassment for anyone involved. Never have I seen a cinema auditorium empty so quickly. Dubbed as a 3D movie, it was the worst use of 3D I have ever seen, with at least 50% of the shots viewable with no 3D at all; I ended up watching most of the movie without 3D glasses. The CG looked unfinished, a very confusing use of HUD (used throughout the movie) made some moments unwatchable and the script was just plain awful. There really was no need to make this into a movie, an audiobook would have been easier to digest. The boxy spacesuits looked like they were made from cereal boxes, you could clearly see tape around the edges! My creativity in writing has waned so I'll bring this to an end, this movie is truly awful, some people should never make movies.

Reviewed by kosmasp 1 / 10 / 10

Seldom have I experienced something like this

And I'm not talking about "how bad the movie is" or me watching this was awful or worst ... ever scenarios. I've seen worse movie, that's not it. But I have never seen anything and talked to people after that, where no one ... let me write that get again -> NO ONE(!), not one single person, had anything good to say about the movie. This happened at Frightfest and if this movie won something, it was worst movie playing in 2014 at the Festival. Having said all that, I normally have a weak spot for movies that put a band of people together, preferably with different skills, diversity in general. One of the few things this almost succeeds in. One of the other being the science factor, where a friend of mine said, they got a couple of things right. But all is rendered useless, by an uninspired script, acting "wooden" (which is also attributed to the really bad costumes), bad effects that could be able to make you puke and a general disorientation at times. Which is even worse when it happens during action sequences. It's a shame, but this 3D experiment went completely off the rails .... not in a good way

Reviewed by steve-173-316979 1 / 10 / 10

A new low

This was a catastrophic new low in my film watching and cinema going life, easily the worst film I've ever seen and the first time I've walked out of a film at the cinema. For god sake, I even sat through Transformers 2!! An incomprehensible mess of a film with poor sound, pointless ill conceived 3D and a complete lack of plot, structure, anything. CGI reminiscent of my 80's Atari console which only helped confuse the viewer as to what was happening. The actors were stuck inside cardboard space helmets the entire films which meant any attempts they made to act were sadly thwarted by a script which was pure amateur hour I'd give it 0/10 if IMDb let me

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