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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by labng 2 / 10 / 10

Shop elsewhere.

Aside from a few minutes of the film involving interaction with a convenience store clerk and then a man in a nearby jail cell explaining the circumstances Mom and Son find themselves in, this is completely without entertainment value.

Reviewed by SzamarCsacsi 9 / 10 / 10

A gem in horror comedy

I went to see this movie at Titanic Film Festival in Budapest. The small theater was barely even half-full, but we were in for a real treat. It's almost a no-budget film having made from less than $70,000, but it feels like every single penny was well spent. I learned from the director who spoke after the film that there were no special effects in the movie, everything was done by the make-up artist who made a brilliant job. What got me to see this movie in the first place was the crazy synopsis which made this film stand out from the otherwise great festival line-up. This movie can be pitched with just two words: Finnish cannibals; and it's enough to make you go: "What?!". It's not a gore movie, but still shows plenty of gory stuff, although only for really short time each, sometimes half a second, so you really have to pay attention. As the story goes everything is recorded by the main character on his cellphone. There is not much depth to it, it won't leave you thinking about the meaning of life or anything. However, it's a good comedy, with very subtle and very dark humor. For me, though, the most stand-out element was the cinematography. Some scenes happened so fast, but were so well choreographed that I will have to watch this movie again at home. The only downside to this film is that it's short, being only 70 minutes long. In overall it's a true gem and it's a must for horror comedy fans. Or even aspiring filmmakers as you can see how to make a really good movie from next to no money.

Reviewed by impactdown 9 / 10 / 10

Somewhere far Finland

Shopping Tour is a unique case in the Russian cinematography. Regarding the lack of "genre film" notion as such in the Russian film industry, Mikhail Brashinskiy's product is one of a kind. This is a low budget movie written, sponsored and shot by Mikhail in association with his Finnish friends. We deal with the genre of horror done in the style of found footage on a camera phone. The movie didn't get high ratings among Russian viewers. It was simply underrated. This horror is not something outstanding but definitely fresh. In the center of the story there are single mother and her teenage son who is given a mobile phone as a present on which he records events taking place during the development of the action. Relationships between mum and her offspring are not so good, so she decides to take a trip to Finland by touristic bus in order to reach a compromise with her kid. At the outset of the movie all things go smoothly and nothing horrible is in the view. Mother and son have often arguments revealing their family problems on the way to Finland. Soon the pace changes, when after having crossed the board they call at the department store which is according to the guide open for tourists only one night a year. This store has special offers and reductions on all imports. The Russians love squandering money, so they happily scatter along the vast store in search of bargains. Hardly anyone of them guess this building is a trap and they all are prey for a horrible feast. The point is that only one night every year prior to the old national tradition the Finnish of all genders and ages hunt for foreigners in order to eat them. So the feast breaks out right in the store, and mum with son must run to save their lives. No one knows how strong can be a woman and brave a 15 old boy and what both can do against the cannibals. Escape from the feast will not be easy but worth to be seen. One of the peculiarities of the movie is that there no rivers of blood shown. Mikhail doesn't focus on visual effects. The thing which makes you blood freeze is suspense. You never know whether man speaking Finnish gibberish is an ordinary human or a cannibal going to fall on the main characters with roar. Take as an instance the scene where a bent cop (this pun is relevant) drives the duo in an unknown direction to the Finnish punk rock. It has to be said that you can not but empathizing mother as if she were your own in the grisly conditions. Emotional effect is achieved by the changing in relationships between mum and son. The extraordinary conditions have them stick together and they especially change the boy who begins feeling compassion on his mother. Shopping Tour is a mixture of horror and drama with an open ending. Some scenes of violence really thrill. Besides there is something to laugh at. You should be ready for everything. And if you are ready to watch this movie and have an opportunity for it, take it right away!

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