Sight Unseen



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April 16, 2021



Andrew Francis as Kord Zane
Kevin McNulty as Detective Mike Corland
Tracey Gold as Didi Hallow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by girnun_101-732-494890 8 / 10 / 10

Brilliant TV Movie

Sight Unseen is a very good movie. Although not very popular, the acting in this movie was superb. Yes Tracey Gold delivered a great performance, but Laura Mennell takes the win for me, she was unbelievable! I was surprised at how good the ending of this movie was. It is very unexpected. The plot is very intriguing, and shows how a cop struggles to find a killer, so goes to the house next door the expected suspect to spy on him. Little did they know how much they were wrong about who the killer is. Its all very well having a good plot, but the acting to the plot was stellar. All the specific emotions were captured to make this movie a favorite to many. As a thriller, at times it kept you on the edge of your seat, but as a drama, i felt it was very dramatic, and seeing how much the main character struggles especially as a main character was very dramatic. Overall I give this movie an 8, i recommend it to all fans of thriller/dramas.

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