Silent Fall


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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July 1, 2021


John Lithgow as Dr. Rene Harlinger
Linda Hamilton as Karen Rainer
Liv Tyler as Sylvie Warden
Zahn McClarnon as Deputy Bear
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by satterwh 7 / 10 / 10

Not great, but worth a watch

First, let's admit that we're not watching this to learn the medical characteristics of autism. The purpose of watching the film is for entertainment. That said, this film held my attention. I *DID* figure it out shortly before the end and admit that the clues were there all the way through, some pretty strong. Personally, I think that's what makes a good mystery, that it *CAN* be figured out. Performances: I always enjoy Richard Dreyfuss' work. While he has done better, he didn't disappoint me. John Lithgow was completely believable as always. The real star, though, was Ben Faulkner as Tim, the autistic boy. Ignoring the voice dubbing for the adults (part of the script), he did a wonderful job in a part that had to be difficult at best. I find it strange that this is the only acting job he held. Hopefully, it's because he decided that he wanted to be a kid rather than an actor. Hollywood's loss.

Reviewed by highflying_falcon 6 / 10 / 10

Very Intriguing.......

This film has received very little recognition and I guess that is why I never heard of it till I saw it despite the fact that it had quite a few big stars in it. Liv Tyler stars in one of earliest film roles in this movie and has made quite an impression, which is no wonder why she is as famous as she is now. Judging by the name I thought that this was a thriller or horror movie, however I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and the depth of the story. Autism isn't something that we are all familiar with but like "Mercury Rising" this film shows the audience what autism can seriously do to those unfortunate enough to live with it. A murder mystery and drama this film does start out slow but do not hesitate because it does eventually become quite intriguing to watch just how the story unfolds, so if anyone likes a good mystery detective movie this is the one for you.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Suspense, intrigue and emotional relationship between autistic boy and psychiatrist

This genteel retelling and moving film starts with a double murder of a parents , being witnessed by autistic little boy son, named Tim Warden(Faulkner), he's overprotected by adolescent sister Sylvie(Liv Tyler). Retired therapist Jake(Richard Dreyfuss), married to good spouse(Linda Cameron), is reluctant to get involved, but he's deemed guilty because a little autistic in his care committed suicide, though he was acquitted . But when rival Dr. Harlinger(John Lighgow) is called instead, Jakes takes the little boy for learning. Traumatized Tim is a nine-years-old kid with damage psyche but plenty of extraordinaries faculties, as he imitates language of people. Jake whose patience and perseverance finally enable Tim to learn to communicate and resolve the murders. The film depicts the unconventional method the psychiatrist used to help the autistic adjust to the world and shows the relationship that build between the two courageous starring. The dysfunctional and breakthrough relation among Tim and Jake carries strong emotional power and intense, moving experience. Actors interpretation is good, Richard Dreyfuss as affected and obstinate therapist, J. T. Walsh as sheriff that investigates the deeds and Liv Tyler and Faulkner in their film debut. Interesting script with a final full of lurid turns, red herrings and plot twists by Akiva Goldsman.Sensible and perceptible musical score by Stewart Copeland. Luxurious and colorful cinematography by cameraman Peter James. The motion picture is professionally directed by Bruce Beresford. He's a cool Australian(Braker Morant)director, working in Hollywood and achieving hits(Double jeopardy,Crimes of the heart,Tender mercies), winning Academy Award (Driving Miss Daisy) and flops (King David ,Mister Johnson, Silent fall).

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