Simple Things


Comedy / Drama

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April 16, 2021



Amber Benson as Laura
Bellamy Young as Martha Kent
Cameron Bancroft as Rick Parker
Edie McClurg as Maggie Perkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by odetospot 10 / 10 / 10

"Country Remedy" or "Simple Things" is Simply Beautiful

A rare and beautiful film about country life shot with simplicity and warmth, without contrivance or sentimentalism. Unlike many shows and films with the theme of big city meets small town, this film did not attempt to idealize small town or country living, instead showing how the magic, healing and community found in any place is due to an inner transformation and change in perspective. The magic of ordinary life in the country and the process of healing from grief and recovery from loss is captured so well here due to the quiet brilliance of the principal actor, Cameron Bancroft. Exquisite and subtle acting performance from Bancroft as Dr. Evan Gibbs and the actor who played his son, Nate, Aiden Mitchell. All of the cast was authentic, and the movie was deeply emotionally engaging, even wrenching because of this. I grew up in a small town and in the Country and I appreciated the humor, candor and realism and subtle moments of nature and grace, unadorned yet deeply poetic and meaningful, throughout. It also left much "scope for the imagination" as Anne of Green Gables would say.

Reviewed by radiocitymail 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent. Very enjoyable.

Simple town. Simple houses. Simple people who live there. Maybe we all need a little simpler way of life now and then. Seen at the Staten Island Film Festival June 2007, this definitely provides a change of pace to what you'll see in most of today's movie houses. In this movie, a big city high tech. doctor comes to rural America to set up a clinic as a requirement to advance his career. I'm pretty sure if you showed up at this 'clinic' today, you'd probably wonder what in the world you're letting yourself in for. If it isn't gleaming chrome and plastic today, most of us would probably head for the nearest exit. Predictable? Maybe a little, but that doesn't ruin the movie one bit. If you're looking for high speed car chases, this movie isn't for you. No shoot'em ups either. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this movie with the entire family. It also just might restore your faith in people, even though you think of yourself as superior, high tech, or city slicker. Great entertainment.

Reviewed by awknovril 10 / 10 / 10

this is one of the best movies I've watched!

this movie helped when I needed something calm simple and nice to watch! I loved everything about it, the place the characters.. I wish it lasted longer! It's about appreciating the simple things! and opening to something new.. and appreciating people, helping them and winning their trust! I don't know why people said it's disappointing, but it's one of the best stories to me! ♥ I recommend people to watch it too!

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