Sister Aimee



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Amy Hargreaves as Amy Halbard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mancinibrown 7 / 10 / 10

Sister Aimee - the entertainer

Sister Aimee is, at the very least, based on a real person from the 1920s who was one of the biggest preachers of her time. How true the rest of the story is, is likely very little. But that doesn't mean it's not entertaining. We pick up with Sister Aimee as she is becoming disillusioned in her job and she runs away with a man, Kenny. The story follows her on the run, as she's trying to keep people from realizing she has left, having rather people believe she evaporated up into heaven. Aimee and Kenny join up with a guide named Rose who assists them. This movie's tone is one that is a notch below serious. It gives a sly nod to the viewer at points and has them laughing and smiling along with Aimee. It won't be one to wow people, but not half bad either. Side note; Not sure why, but there seems to be some confusion about what type of movie this is. It's certainly not a cannibal movie.

Reviewed by donnapartow / 10

Disgusting Disgrace

I lasted about 3 minutes into this disgusting disgrace of a movie. Absolutely revolting.

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