Sister of Mine

Drama / Thriller

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Ivana Baquero as Aurora
Lucía Guerrero as Natalia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JvH48 7 / 10 / 10

Many more surprising developments than could be derived from synopsis. Very original plot and inexhaustible turns of events. Not as far-fetched as assumed from description

Saw this at the Rotterdam Film Festival (IFFR) 2017, where it was nominated for the Tiger Award (but not awarded). Very original plot, unusual developments and it got much more complicated than the synopsis on the IFFR website already hinted to. The unexpected turns of events seem inexhaustible, but as soon as you think you've seen them all, a new unexpected thing happens. It did not bother me that the original setup seemed a bit far-fetched. It became still more surprising after the sister was shown that he filmed everything, that she nevertheless knowingly kept the camera intact. The whole sequence of developments was compelling and there was not a single boring moment. During the final Q&A, the director told he had ideas since a very long time about a movie that a someone makes for himself and not to show anyone else. He had a lot of friends telling about their private video's, out of which stories he got more ideas that were incorporated in this film. Second idea was pushing someone past the limit. Third idea was a confrontation with your background, your family and everything else that determines where you come from. Finally, as a side remark, I noticed the very original format for the final credits. It started as a blue B-movie with a naked man and woman on a beach, suddenly changing into credits rolling by in an old-fashioned type cast. It was not obvious to everyone in the audience that this indeed were the final credits, until someone started an applause after which everyone got it that this was the end. It was a nice deviation from the seemingly endless credits that come after most movies, meticulously quoting everyone involved in the film making until the last caterer and chauffeur.

Reviewed by chris_hick01 9 / 10 / 10

Incest and voyeurism is laid out for all to see in this intense drama

A filmmaker (Julio Perillán) discovers one day that his younger half-sister, Aurora (Ivana Baquero) has appeared in a porn clip he sees online and becomes fascinated by her. He sets up a camera in Aurora's bedroom to spy on her before he begins to seduce the girl and eventually the two enter into a sexual relationship. Uncomfortable viewing that delves into the dark corners of incest and voyeurism that overrides morals, resulting in flashes of such Hitchock films as REAR WINDOW (1954) and VERTIGO (1958) springing to mind. What is more surprising which will leave the viewer questioning their own moral judgements is that the main character of Oliver flits between being sympathetic and an unsympathetic character, while Aurora is simply a victim of Oliver's predatory advances.

Reviewed by Phil_M_A_Kerr 9 / 10 / 10

Family Ties with a Freudian twist

First of all, this is a movie for adults. I've been watching a lot of enjoyable 'vanilla' movies lately. There was something about the opening shot of this movie that made me think, "this is going to be a real piece of cinema." Whether it was the more natural colour grading and the crisp cinema lense or the single camera work ... it was likely all those factors - there was something I hadn't seen in a good while. This is partly due to the COVID pandemic as well. It starts off as a character study of the deeply contemplative artist. From that point all of my 'vanilla' expectations were unthreaded. Instead we see inside the deepest, most confused parts of the human psyche. It is one of those more brutal, confrontational coming-of-age movies. Life isn't a rom-com, nor is it like this family drama/thriller. It is somewhere in the vast space between (for most of us, I trust). Very inventive within its smaller budget limitations, and very committed in its performances, Sister Of Mine lifts the lid on what primal beasts we are underneath. Commendable adult viewing.

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