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Karen Mok as Kwan
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Wei Zhao as Hua Mulan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by soulcharmer 8 / 10 / 10

So cool

Let's talk about prerequisities first. If you hate American action flicks, if you don't revel in nerve-wrecking psycho-dramas too badly, if you can appreciate style over substance and if you're into asian cinematography, pick So Close. Rest assured there's plenty of nonsense in this movie, even cliches from time to time, but there's not enough of it to prevent you from enjoying it. Really, even acting was fine with me. Action is exquisite, girls are lovely, effects are cool, plot is trivialized but sufficient I guess. It was meant to be easy and fun and you know what? It's easy and fun alright. 8/10

Reviewed by GlennInWinnipeg 7 / 10 / 10

Guys Movie .. ah .. with women as leads (ie. Charlie Angels)

Just a great surprise -- great action and cast. The story-line is a bit comic-book like (think Batman) at times, but this just adds to the feeling that part of the enjoyment of the movie is being along for the ride and to not take it all too serious. Every good action movie it seems has a unique visual "trick" to show -- Matrix had "bullet time" for instance. This one they figured out how to make glass look like it is breaking and they use side wire tools that allow them to fly a bit like Spiderman (by making it part of the plot, it saved the special effect team having to paint the lines out). If you like action movies, and the cast, you will be very happy with this movie. I really appreciated the use of extended close ups on the faces -- something less and less common in Hollywood. Also a great soundtrack and the song "Close to You" (originally by the Carpenters) is just outstanding as a good (unusual) choice to make a couple of surreal moments. Hold on for a great ride.

Reviewed by jmaruyama 7 / 10 / 10

"So Close" is So Fun

(Please note this review may contain Spoilers) Although touted as a "Charlie's Angels" clone, it more closely resembles the premise of the Japanese Comic and subsequent Movie "Cat's Eye" (1997). As in Cat's Eye, sisters take revenge against a wrong committed against their father. In the case of "So Close", an evil Conglomerate had attempted to steal a super Global Positioning System(GPS)called World Panorama, which was developed by the father of two sisters. The Conglomerate kills the father and mother of the sisters, leaving them to eventually grow up to become deadly assassins. Using their father's computer GPS program and their talents as professional killers they launch a two-woman war against the companies responsible for their parent's death. During the course of their assignments they cross the path of a determined Forensics Expert who turns out to be much their equal. One of the sisters is killed and the other joins forces with the Forensics Expert to tear down the Conglomerate once and for all. While the plot is a ridiculous and silly one, there is much to like about "So Close". The three leads, Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao (aka Zhao Wei) and Karen Mok are absolutely mesmerizing on screen. Each brings with them a unique screen presence that is both sexy and endearing. Zhao Wei in particular is a joy to watch. As for the villains, Japanese Action Movie fans will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Yasuaki Kurata as one of the main bad guys of this movie. His fight scenes against Karen Mok and Zhao Wei are a standout. The movie is in a way a throwback to some of the "Girls-N-Guns" movies of the 80's like "Yes, Madam" and "In The Line of Duty". Corey Yuen once again proves he does not have to rely excessively on tricks like wires or rotoscoping to create good fight scenes. If you are looking for an intelligent action drama, you are probably better served skipping "So Close", however if you want a fun action drama that is so much more better than "Charlie's Angels", then "So Close" is something for you.

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