Solo Sunny

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meggy_cold316 8 / 10 / 10

Never give up!

The most significant element in this film is the protagonist, the heroine that portrayed a different character from the women in other DEFA films. I really admire the personality of Sunny: self-determining and strong-willed. Sunny was a clear representation of the position of women in the GDR society during those times. She was not the ideal nor the stereotypical woman. Rather, she was an embodiment of reality- a woman who works according to her capabilities, a woman who won't let anyone or anything overpower her. Besides its intention to present issues about women, this film also served as an instrument to motivate its audience through the themes it carried with it. As a viewer, I was inspired to pursue the things that were just stocked in my mind until I've seen this film. Socially relevant, instigating, thought-provoking. This is Solo Sunny.

Reviewed by liar_liar_12 5 / 10 / 10

Sunny is a singer in a band who wants to have a solo career and looking for love.

The female character was said to be not a representation of the women on the GDR at that time. She was considered to be aggressive and unfeminine due to her behavior. In this film, the female heroine was shown in a different light. This was one of the DEFA films that pictured women in as independent individuals who were for social change. The character of Sunny was not like other female characters that were usually portrayed at their workplaces, as average individuals. Sunny's character was not a conformist to the standards set by the society. She was aiming for change; she was striving for self-fulfillment. This was depicted through her dream of becoming a solo performer. She wanted to be recognized and have a place in society. Her character was shown as a strong one because she fights against the cruelty of men to her. But then signs of weaknesses were also shown during her suicide attempt. It helped that the film was in color because it matches Sunny's character, very vibrant. Add to that the lively music background. Since Suny is a singer, and a performer, these elements have helped a lot in the development of the film.

Reviewed by Gray62 5 / 10 / 10

Boring movie about boring people in a boring country

In my western German view, it's a movie about a not very smart woman, with a talent for singing, surrounded by mostly not especially intelligent people, in a communist country where intelligentsia was either toeing the one-party-line or regarded with suspicion. Apart from a few easily recognizable and unrealistic propaganda statements, certainly necessary to help the film pass censorship, it's probably an honest depiction of the life of mediocre musicians in a country where art and culture where regulated by the state. It's also very boring, because there was no freedom to do interesting things and no such opportunities anyway, I guess. If you're not especially interested in life in the former GDR, stay away from this sad example of top-down imposed mediocrity or you will regret you wasted your time on this.

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