Some Kind of Hero

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Caren Kaye as Sheila Daniels
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gmoore44 7 / 10 / 10

Richard makes it!(Possible SPOILERS)

Richard Pryor is the reason to see this movie. He takes a somewhat ordinary story, of a soldier who returns home from a Vietnam POW camp, to a less than welcome home, and makes it a better movie. His trying to look tough and menacing, and acting it out in front of a mirror, is really good ("Freeze, sucka! Get DOWN!!"), and then having all his efforts totally evaporate at the bank! A welcome movie to see, I recommend it. 7/10

Reviewed by pwmoses 6 / 10 / 10

Great film up until about the middle

This film starts off like an extremely poignant drama. The bond between Richard Pryor and Ray Sharkey in the POW camp is seamlessly acted. The musical score by Patrick Williams is outstanding and very sad. The films middle is just as good, with very moving parts with Pryor returning from war to deal with problems with his mother, his wife, and his life. However, after this the film goes awry. The films keeps its respectability however, because Pryor is such a good actor.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 6 / 10 / 10

Pryor makes it bearable.

Richard Pryor gets to really show off some talent here as an actor in this adaptation of the James Kirkwood novel. It has good moments, but never really satisfies; it works fairly well when it gets serious but its comedy is never that funny. Pryor really is better than the material, which doesn't achieve an effective balance between its drama and comedy. It's not bad as yet another look at the problems of Vietnam vets readjusting to civilian life, in any event. Pryor plays Eddie Keller, who's taken as a prisoner of war during his tour in Vietnam. When he's brought back to the States, he finds having to put up with Army red tape to be intolerable. In addition to being in desperate need of money, he learns from his wife Lisa (Lynne Moody) that she's in a relationship with another man and that his mother Jesse (Olivia Cole) is in a nursing home - an expensive one, to boot, which is about to kick her out if they don't get paid. Eddie makes friends with a well meaning prostitute named Toni (Margot Kidder) and eventually sees a way to deal with the money problem - larceny. This wouldn't be nearly as watchable if it weren't for Pryor, who's touching as well as funny. You feel so bad for him, in fact, that scenes in which Eddie bungles hold-up jobs to be much more pathetic than humorous - which may have been the point. Pryors' scenes with fellow P.o.W. Vinnie (Ray Sharkey) are deeply affecting; the late Sharkey makes the most of his brief screen time. Ronny Cox lends strong support as the colonel who tries to help Eddie upon his return to America. Kidder is appealing and a couple of familiar character players - such as Paul Benjamin, Matt Clark, Anne Haney, Peter Jason, Caren Kaye, Sandy Ward, and the much too briefly utilized Tim Thomerson - can be seen in small roles. Ultimately, while one does want happiness and success for the Eddie character, the feel-good ending is not all that believable. The movie is decent, but it's not memorable in any way. Six out of 10.

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