Someone's Watching Me!

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Adrienne Barbeau as Kathryn Dolan
Lauren Hutton as Nona Bruce
Len Lesser as Grandfather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ODDBear 8 / 10 / 10

Fantastic homage to the likes of Argento and Hitchcock

I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled on to this movie at a local video store in Iceland. It had subtitles and everything. What a find! As many of you know, this is the "lost" John Carpenter movie, and it's nothing short of fantastic. It plays like an homage to the likes of Dario Argento and Alfred Hitchcock, although the Hitchcock influences are more apparent here. Lauren Hutton moves into a fancy apartment building and starts receiving mysterious phone calls and presents. And we, as the audience, know that this stalker lives in the building across from hers and that he's watching her every move. Although not much actually happens here, the film's gradual buildup to a terrifying finale is nothing short of brilliant, orchestrated by a very fresh John Carpenter at the height of his creativity. The cinematography (especially the POV's) makes one think of Dario Argento but the atmosphere (and storyline) reeks of Hitchcock. John Carpenter has admitted to the fact of having been inspired by both. I strongly recommend this film. If you can locate it, that is.

Reviewed by lenhardt-2 10 / 10 / 10

Packed with tension.

John Carpenter's SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME! is an undisguised homage to REAR WINDOW, with nods to BLACK CHRISTMAS (an avowed favourite of Carpenter's) and the Italian Giallo genre, specifically Argento's DEEP RED. One elaborate scene, wherein the anxious heroine drops a knife through a grate, and then squeezes laboriously into the crawlspace beneath to hide, is a clear riff on giallo scenography. The material is stale, but the execution is not. Carpenter's virtuoso use of gliding camera shots, shadow detail, composition, and mise en scene, ratchets up the suspense even during what would otherwise be incidental scenes in another director's hands. On occasion, TV-movie limpness creeps in momentarily, but, in the main, the picture's production is very professionally handled. One major irritant is Lauren Hutton's protagonist, Leigh. She is endlessly spunky, constantly talking to herself, always rushing headlong into situations. It's grating right from the start, but as events unfold, her happy-go-lucky ebullience morphs (in the viewers' eyes) into a kind of blithe stupidity. Most thinking people would have closed their curtains, locked their doors, taken the prank calls more seriously, or perhaps moved away (pride be damned), much sooner than did she. Certainly most people wouldn't have walked knowingly into the stalker's trap, as Leigh does at the very end. "Someone's Watching Me" is nerve-wracking enough for one to suspend one's incredulity, and good enough to belong in, or just below, the rarefied sphere of Carpenter's two best, HALLOWEEN and THE THING.

Reviewed by r_ende 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent, full of suspense!

Someone's watching me is a very thrilling movie! From the beginning to the end I was fascinated by that huge amount of suspense. Leigh Michaels moves into a room in a high-rise block after the woman who lived there before committed suicide. Leigh works for the Television and does not have any boy friend. One day she gets strange phone calls.A man whispers her name and Leigh does not know why. Then she gets presents like a new brassiere and Leigh finds out that somebody has been in her room when she was working. The phone calls continue and then she gets a letter on which is written that the sender wants to kill her. The police does not help her on the grounds that nobody has attacked her. She tries to find the strange man who wants to kill her. Then her colleague Sophie is killed by that man and Leigh is very afraid but has encountered a man, Paul, who became her boy friend. Then Leigh finds out that the strange caller lives in the high-rise block opposite of her. Then one day Leigh comes home from work and suddenly her door is locked and no light can be turned on. The man is in her room. Suddenly she is attacked by him and he wants to throw her out of her room onto the street. But Leigh can injure him and finally he jumps out of the window and dies. All the time the spectator is enchained by that amount of suspense. It is an really an excellent movie and you must watch it!

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