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Dennis Quaid as Shark, Baseball Pitcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 8 / 10 / 10

Bad title, good movie

A Southern woman (Julia Roberts) finds out her husband (Dennis Quaid) is cheating on her. This sets off complications that involve her whole family-her fiery sister (Kyra Sedgwick), gruff father (Robert Duvall) and understanding mother (Gena Rowlands). This plot has been done many times before and there are no real surprises--but it has a good pro-female script. That's no surprise--it was written by Callie Khouri who also wrote "Thelma & Louise". The dialogue is sharp and adult and the stars give it their all. I've never really been a big fan of Roberts but she is very good here faking a credible Southern accent. She has a GREAT scene when she confronts her club about her husband's infidelity. Sedgwick is just fantastic as her sister--full of fire and having a great time. Surprisingly Rowlands wasn't that good at first--way too muted but she eventually got better and is wonderful in a scene in which she tells off Duvall. Quaid and Duvall are lousy in their roles...but they're given NOTHING to work with--this picture is about the women. The only male character with any depth is Jamie (Brett Cullen)--very handsome, intelligent and caring--a real great performance. A word of advice--this movie is VERY R rated. There's tons of swearing (especially from Sedgwick) and VERY frank sexual dialogue--it is NOT for the kids (unless it's an edited for TV version). It's an adult movie. Predictable but well-done. Worth catching.

Reviewed by Jenfranbax 7 / 10 / 10


First let me start off by saying that Julia Roberts is from Georgia...Her accent is real! This was a disappointing movie. Julia Roberts and Kyra Sedgwick have great chemistry as sisters and they LOOK like they could actually be related. Dennis Quaid-check, Robert Duvall-check, Gena Rowlands-check...Cast is awesome. Writing is sassy and on the money. The problem is the way the story turns on it's head. When Grace poisons her husband it is not at all funny..and takes the story in another direction. We think we are watching a movie about this lying cheating lout who does his woman wrong and her questioning her life and her choices afterward. We feel bad for HIM when he makes it sound like she drove him into another woman's arms because she didn't give him enough affection. She actually feels bad, but it is already too late, as she has already made him sick from the poison. He decides he doesn't want her back after all and goes ahead and gets a nasty lawyer. Along the way her mom (Rowland)decides to take action on her husband (duvall) who has been fooling around for years. Not making much sense here. All this surrounds a equestrian competition that is supposed to bring these people together. Kind of stupid. I also want to bring attention to the fact that Julia Roberts was about 27 when she made this. Too young to have this older kid, and Dennis Quaid looks a good 10 years her senior, and they were in college together?? Kyra Sedgwick is going for over the top sassy here...We get the point after she knees Quaid in the jewels early on..yes yes she is a tough cookie. All that said, I will watch Julia Roberts in anything. I am her target demographic after all. Her most unwatchable movie is still watchable to me on a snowy Sunday afternoon such as today.

Reviewed by dwpollar 7 / 10 / 10

Well-played drama about being in love, making mistakes...

1st watched 1/18/2003 - 7 out of 10(Dir-Lasse Hallstrom): Well-played drama about being in love, making mistakes, and trying to stay in love. This is a heart-breaking movie to watch because it is so much like real life and it is played out so well by those involved. The Direction by Hallstrom is magnificent because of the way he lets the story do the talking and doesn't hurry us to conclusions. Basically, this is a story about a woman(Julia Roberts) who finds out that her husband(Dennis Quaid) is cheating on her and then everything gets mixed up from this point on. There are many other relationships that are also very vital to the story just like they would be in real life. There are parents(who struggle with some of the same things), there is a sister(who tries to lend a helping hand) and there is a child in the middle of everything just trying to survive. By the end, we believe that everything is going to be all right but it is very obvious that much damage has been done. Roberts is superb as usual and everyone plays out their parts very believably. This is one of those movies that is one of a kind, but not one you'd want to watch very often for it hits deep within our souls(especially those who have gone thru similar experiences) and therefore I think it failed when released because the exec's didn't know how to sell it to make money but none-the-less it is a classic in my book on relationships. The choice of the title also didn't make sense because the song really has nothing to do with the movie. Again, I think this was a marketing mistake and not the filmmakers.

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