Son of the Mask


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 2 / 10 / 10

Yes, it's bad....but not bad enough to deserve to be in IMDb's Bottom 100--maybe the Bottom 500 (if there was one)

This is one of those Hollywood projects that makes you wonder why they even made the film in the first place. After all, to anyone hearing the plot, they'd know that the film was destined to bomb--yet some lunkheads approved the picture. And, while they saved a huge amount of money by not getting Jim Carey for this sequel, it's obvious that the budget was NOT small when you look at the amazing sets and see the excellent special effects. Yet, oddly, despite all this money being spent, the fundamental story idea was so stupid and the writing so amateurish that it couldn't help but bomb...and thankfully it did...otherwise they might have made more sequels!!! This is a bad film--there is no doubt about this. However, I object to it being on the IMDb Bottom 100 list as it's not THAT bad. Only the very worst of the worst deserve to be on the list--yet I notice such horrendous films as those of Ed Wood, Arch Hall, Al Adamson or William Grefe are not on the list! I guess it's because not as many people have seen these films and many DID see "Son of the Mask" due to its huge publicity campaign and massive DVD saturation. In addition, you can't help but admire the special effects as well as the sets. In particular, I loved the sets--which were very surreal and cartoon-like. I can't see giving such a beautiful looking film a 1---it deserves at least another point or two for effects and sets. As for the story, it's just plain stupid and wastes the talents of Alan Cumming and Bob Hoskins. Plus, odd for a comedy, the film hasn't got a single laugh--not even one. In fact, some of the 'jokes' are downright repellent--such as the baby peeing copiously on the father as well as the snot joke--which both managed to be unfunny AND gross. While I could go on to discuss the plot, I won' simply put, no one could possibly care. It's dumb and not worth your trouble. An incredibly limp, unfunny and stupid film...with nice sets. Even smaller children will find all this very tedious and boring. Only for bad movie fans who want to marvel at the film's awfulness.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10 / 10

The negative criticisms are right- this movie is BAD!

The original film with Jim Carrey was a clever and hilarious film, with a very sophisticated and dynamic visual style. What a way to ruin such a fantastic film, with such a poor sequel? It does make me sad. I will give some credit, it isn't quite the worst movie I have ever seen, Disaster Movie, Superbabies:Baby Geniuses 2 and Home Alone 4 were worse, but judging by how really poor the film is, that is not saying much. Let me start by saying the script was quite terrible, very clichéd and stale, with nothing new to expand from its predecessor. And the direction from Laurence Guterman, who also directed Cats and Dogs, which is much more decent, was close to incompetent. The story about the magical mask falling into the hands of a cartoonist who fathers a son is rather substandard and takes a while to get going. The special effects and animation attempts to spark some imagination, but it completely lacks the visual style that made the original so endearing to look at. Intead the whole film looks cheap in comparison and looks like it was made for TV, despite the valiant attempts of the animators to make it look good. The casting is uninspired to say the least. Jamie Kennedy as the cartoonist lacks charisma, and I will say I found the baby really creepy. Alan Cumming is a very talented actor, and has been in some great films namely the wonderful 1994 version of Black Beauty where his voice over of the beloved horse was note perfect. Here he can't do anything with his villainous role, which is so badly underwritten it's not hard to see why. And how Bob Hoskins got dragged into this I shall never know. All in all, I can see why people say this movie is bad, it is. Not just because it is not a true sequel but also it is substandard in comparison to its much superior predecessor in terms of sophistication and quality. Not quite the worst movie I have ever seen, but it is bad! 1/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 1 / 10 / 10

night and day

In Edge City, Loki (Alan Cumming) is looking for his mask but finds only replicas. The real mask is washed away to far off Fringe City. Odin commands his son Loki to find the mask or else. Otis the dog retrieves the mask for the Avery family. Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy) is happily married to Tonya (Traylor Howard) but in fear of raising a baby. He's a struggling cartoonist working as a grunt with best friend Jorge (Kal Penn) in Animagine run by animation genius Daniel Moss (Steven Wright). He decides to wear the mask for the company Halloween party. It's a crazy time and he impresses his boss. He also consummates with the mask on and the resulting baby Alvey seems to have special powers. This is a truly disappointing sequel. While the original is fun, this one is ugly and tiresome. Jamie Kennedy has a dash of annoying in his DNA. He has no charm. He compensates with brash annoying wacky comedy. Personally I don't find him funny at all which fits this movie perfectly. The animation looks ugly. The general look is bad kids TV. It's a Road Runner cartoon without the fun. The fact that the original is so great only makes this an even bigger failure.

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