Sordid Lives

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Beth Grant as Lois
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Dale Dickey as Daryl
Leslie Jordan as Murray
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Reviewed by mstryeyes 10 / 10 / 10

Simply Genius!

Del Shores is simply a writing genius! Having grown up in a Southern Baptist household and church, I totally relate to these characters. I've probably watched it over 100 times and still laugh at each carefully worded line! It is one of those movies that just sticks with you and gives me a giggle every time I experience the same scenario's in "real life" Bravo, Del Shores and Cast!

Reviewed by preppy-3 7 / 10 / 10

Its funny but is VERY vicious and cruel

An old womans (Peggy Hickey) death in a small Texas town sets off a firestorm within the family. Her sister Sissy Hickey (Beth Grant) tries to calm down Peggy's children--uptight Latrelle (a wonderful Bonnie Bedelia) and sassy Lavonda (Ann Walker). Also Latrelle wants her gay son Ty (Kirk Geiger) to come to Texas for the funeral...but he's out in LA and never told anyone he's gay and is sick of keeping it a secret. Then there's Peggy's son Brother Boy (Leslie Jordan) was has been institutionalized because he's gay. THEN there's G.W. (Beau Bridges) who was cheating on his wife Noleta (Delta Burke) with Peggy and feels guilty about her death. This played all summer long back in 2002 in Provincetown MA (a small town with a large gay population during the summer). I never saw it there but got it on DVD the next year at the urging of some friends. THEN it just sat on my shelf for ten years till I watched it last night. My friends kept saying it's an unheralded masterpiece. You know what? They're wrong. It's really not that good. It DOES have some funny parts and the acting was great all around especially by Bedelia, Burke and Geiger (who it seems has quit show business--this was his last film to date). There's also a scene with Geiger and several totally nude men which some people may enjoy. Olivia Newton-John pops up also singing a few songs (especially the title song which is great). But, I found this more caustic and vicious than funny. The constant screaming and yelling got annoying and the treatment of Brother Boy at the institution was just horrific. Also the eccentric residents of a small Texas town are easy targets and have been done many times before. Maybe if I saw it with an audience it would work better (it was a big hit in PTown and Palm Springs) but, as it is, I was not impressed. A 6 all the way.

Reviewed by fithen 7 / 10 / 10

Some terrific moments, but bogged down in places.

The best moments are with Leslie Jordan and the scene with the women meeting at Beth Grant's character's house. Then there are the interview scenes with the returning son and the bizarre "Thelma & Louise" scene with the women pulling guns on the men and making them cross-dress. These scenes could have been shorter or left out altogether. The storyline is a bit odd considering Brother Boy has been locked up for years (most as an adult), solely based on being a cross-dresser? Suddenly, after 20 years the characters feel guilt? His reason for incarceration could have been better written. With all of the minimalist blocking, you never forget you're watching a movie based on a play.

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