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Alfie Allen as Berkhamp on Double Bass
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Martin Compston as Metzger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 7 / 10 / 10

Spin, Get High and the Dying Fly.

Soulboy is directed by Shimmy Marcus and written by Jeff Williams. It stars Martin Compston, Felicity Jones, Alfie Allen, Nichola Burley, Pat Shortt and Craig Parkinson. Music is by Len Arran and photography by Vladimir Trivic. 1974, Stoke-On-Trent, and Joe McCain (Compston) is tiring of his humdrum, repetitive life. Then one day, prompted by his work colleague Brendan (Shortt), Joe finds the gumption to seek a date with pretty hairdresser Jane Rogers (Burley). She opens up a new world to him, a burgeoning music scene in the North of England known as Northern Soul, the epicentre of which is the Casino Club in Wigan. But as Joe begins to find his identity in a blast of all night dancing and friendship, drugs, violence and matters of the heart begin to hover over him like dark clouds waiting to unload. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy. It's best just to say it straight off, this is hardly a film to do Northern Soul justice. The movement itself is forming the backdrop to a very basic, run-of-the-mill, coming of age romantic tale. Which is sad, that the plot is so weak and poorly written, because the music, dancing and period awareness is joyous. But at least its heart is in the right place, as it's always charming and quite often funny before things get serious in the final third; even if a dance off sequence in said final third is unintentionally daft. From the 70s vibe of Stoke-On-Trent, with the terrace houses and the potteries buildings, to the recreation of Wigan's famous Casino Club (it sadly burnt down in 1981), Marcus and his team really have an eye for period milieu (impressive given Marcus is a born and bred Dubliner). Shaggy hair cuts, platform shoes, tank-tops and Brut 33 aftershave, all keep us firmly in the time of setting, while vintage vehicles, although in short supply because of the small budget, also give the film that vital 70s edge. Tainted Love. Performances are mixed, but lead lad Compston (Red Road) does a grand job of conveying a 17 year old guy in limbo. With a killer smile and a good helping of dexterity for the dance sequences, he's engaging and provides a characterisation that's easy to get on side with and follow through to the end. Burley (Donkey Punch) is under written in what is meant to be one of the main parts, but this does allow the lovely Felicity Jones (Cemetery Junction) to shine through and bounce of off Compston's energy to great effect. Parkinson (Control) is badly miscast as dance floor bully Alan, while a fledgling romance between Jo Hartley (This is England) and Pat Shortt (Garage) doesn't offer much to the plot, which is a shame since both are more than capable actors. Vladimir Trivic's photography leans more to grime than glitz, which actually serves the film well, sort of paying homage to the working class roots of the main players. The sound track, picked by the likes of Paul Weller, is excellent. It's not all it can be, mainly because plotting and writing is too weak. But it has great moments of levity and vitality (watching those kids dance is a real treat), to ensure it's enjoyable and never dull. 7/10

Reviewed by nsoul-liz 8 / 10 / 10

Good but Stylised

Funny, nostalgic, some good tunes. Boy wants girl, other girl loves boy, boy makes right choice!!!! Just watched this on DVD. I moved away from Lancs to Kent and there isn't the opportunity down here to still go dancing or be involved with the die hard scene. The music was good, some real classics, but it could have been better. The attention to retro clothing, bags, badges and the all important photocopied fliers was good. They got the Casino sign spot on and the bin on Mavis's counter was a touch. They even managed to get in the stairs, although these actually ended at the cloakroom or in the main hall the balcony and next door Mr M's. I cried after some of the documentary footage (which you would only identify if you had been there. Very cleverly done but obvious if you observe the balcony closely.) Two good friends deceased long ago through drugs, lovely people, misguided and sadly missed. Shame it didn't mention post Casino swimming and the obligatory fry up!!! Coaches were good, they did the same to Blackpool Mecca. I don't think that you can actually walk to Stoke from Wigan????..................although it has probably been tried. The dance offs at the end..........tacky. Would never happen,,,,,,,, I often danced in front of the stage!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by chris-842-982162 8 / 10 / 10

Soulboy fills a gap

It has taken far too long for a film about Northern Soul to come to fruition. Thankfully when it did happen it was a belter. This is a great movie and they have recreated the time and the passion really well.It's beautifully shot and the grainy film gives it an old feel whilst at the same time allowing the original dance footage to blend seamlessly. The story works well, although I was a little disappointed with the dance off. I am fairly sure it would have just been a fight but by the time this took place I was so invested in the whole feel of the film that I really couldn't care. It didn't spoil the film. The cameo from Fun Lovin' Criminal Huey was a bit out of place. No idea who chose to put him in that role but for me it didn't work. There were great touches of detail from the era, from the splash of Brut to the hideous platform shoes. The dance scenes were superb especially the long shots with a see of bodies bouncing on a crowded dancefloor. I don't know if my enjoyment was heightened because of my love for the scene but all in all this was a superb movie. I just hope it gets the recognition and wide viewing it deserves. Lovely

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