Southside with You

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Tika Sumpter as Dolores
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Mildred Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 7 / 10 / 10

Simple and enjoyable

If you did not enjoy this're probably a Republican. Seriously, though, a movie that manages to turn ubiquitous public figures into protagonists (and complex protagonists, no less)? That is something. It was more than impersonation or was a love story. And there was something hopeful about encountering these two before everything changed. It was not without flaws, but it brought a smile to my face.

Reviewed by Brent Burkwell 10 / 10 / 10

AHAHAAA!! Oh man, worst BS ever. More fairly tales from the left.

Well, to be honest, if you like old Japanese giant monster movies, you might like this pile of excrement. More left wing propaganda from the first black president, who did nothing except divide America, pardon criminals and offer support to black thugs who for some reason, believe the law doesn't apply to them. Add to that his complete distaste for the US Military and police officers and you have the answer to why intelligent people NEVER vote for democrats. This lunacy is so over the top, showing the former president in a positive light as far as his relationships. One question, am I the only person in the USA who noticed that when the first lady was near the president in public, he seemed to treat her like his sidekick, appearing to always stand in front of her and clearly disrespect her. Personally I think these two were meant for each other, two leftists, two complete fools, who could pick a better match? However, this movie is an attempt to hide the failure of the prior administration to do anything of substance, at least anything positive. He did a lot of things that he shouldn't have. But liberals always suck this excrement up, pure excrement.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10 / 10

This is not a date

The film is about the "first date" of Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) and her underling Barrack Obama (Parker Sawyers) although I suspect it went nothing like this. What the film does is to give us the family history of the two candidates and a look into their character, mostly good, and only a little critical. Not an action film and if you don't want to hear conversations between this couple, you need to go elsewhere, because that is most of the feature. Takes place in 1989 and they spent the day together. They visited an art exhibition, attended a community meeting, where Obama "parted the waters," and watched "Do The Right Thing." The film had its moments of humor, yet each candidate is shown as being serious and dedicated. Tika Sumpter nailed the part in looks and voice. Parker Sawyers- not so much, and I will leave it at that. The film is inspirational for Michelle Obama supporters. Guide: 1 F-word.

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