Species III

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shanfloyd 5 / 10 / 10

Entertaining B-movie.

All typical sci-fi B-movie elements make enough appearances in this third installment of 'Species'. It's got lots of creepy alien gore, gorgeous chicks who kick male ass, abundant nudity and the twitch of alien-human sexual tension. I risk to say that the story is actually better than the crap of Species II... interesting enough to keep the viewer in his seat till the end. Otherwise as usual, acting is horrible, script likewise. They used some old footage of Natasha Henstridge as well. But the role of Sara could go to a more physically attractive actress than Sunny Mabrey... though it is my personal opinion.

Reviewed by dromasca 8 / 10 / 10

tired species

'Species 3' is a low budget continuation of the 'Species' series, and is not that bad for its category. The story of inter-galactic breeding continues here, some DNA mumble-jumble is being added, and science-fiction fans find here some of their preferred stuff although this is not really best in breed. The real appeal of the series is in the inter-species lover-predator games which provide the pretext for a handsome quantity of nudity on screen, and from this point of view series 3 equals its predecessors. What is lost is the surprise effect of the first film, and the money to make better effects. The director is experienced in TV series and he does what he knows best here. However, what works on the small screen is not enough on the big screen. You cannot leave on big screen, even in a series characters development for the many other tens or hundreds of episodes. Acting is also TV quality. The plot has some logics, embarrassing moments are avoided, but overall it looks like this movie is just a last tentative to squeeze some money from the dying 'Species' brand. 4 out of 10 on my personal scale.

Reviewed by poolandrews 8 / 10 / 10

"We go through all that & in the end give her a god damn boyfriend." Entertaining horror Sci-Fi sequel.

Species III starts with a brief condensed recap of the previous two instalment's Species (1995) & Species II (1998) up to the point where part II ended with Eve's (Natash Henstridge) supposedly dead body lying in the back of an army ambulance together with one of her & Patrick's half breed offspring (Christopher R. Gillum). The driver in reality actually happens to be a college professor & genetic scientist named Dr. Abbot (Robert Knepper) who wants to steal Eve's body, however as he attempts to do so Eve sits up & gives birth to an alien girl while the half breed makes his escape. Abbot takes care of the alien girl who grows 6" a day, it's not long before she reaches adulthood & is named Sara (Sunny Mabrey) by Abbot who intends to use her superior DNA for the good of mankind... or something like that anyway. Abbot convinces one of his students named Dean (Robin Dunne) to help in his experiments, however it's not long before the half breed's show up as they are full of genetic flaws & extremely vulnerable to disease & virus's. The half breed's, lead by super sexy Amelia (Amelia Cooke), think the key to their survival is Sara's superior alien DNA & will do whatever it takes to get it... Directed by Brad Turner I have to admit that I rather enjoyed Species III although I have to confess that I have no idea which version I saw as the IMDb's 'Alternate Versions' section states that 3 different ones exist, we don't have 'R' or 'Unrated' here in the UK but considering the amount of blood & nudity I am almost positive it was fully uncut. The script by Ben Ripley moves along at a nice pace & is never boring or dull. The story is a little muddled at times with a bit too much scientific nonsense at times bogging it down, but having said that no one is going to be watching a film such as Species III for it's story & character's are they? No they aren't & this is where Species III pleases as the filmmakers sensibly never forget their exploitation roots as they include copious amounts of female nudity, sex, babes, aliens, blood, slime, gore & tentacles. All I can say is it definitely worked for me! On a negative note I thought this was the weakest in the trilogy & the low budget meant everything seemed to take a step back & appear to be on a smaller scale, we don't get elaborate effect scenes like the opening outer space sequence from Species II, no car chases this time or huge state of the art government laboratory's instead we have to make do with a few microscopes & computer monitor's in someone's basement. I am not sure why the hot looking Amelia was introduced so late in the film either. Director Turner does the best he can with what was probably a low budget, he keeps things moving & shoots some neat gore, someone has the contents of their head splattered over a windshield, a severed arm, a melting alien whose stomach pops open, a disgusting alien birth, someone has some aliens tentacles puncture their head, an autopsy using some home power-tools, someone gets a hole in their head plus a fantastic bit where someone is vertically cut in half & the two halves fall in opposite directions & Turner does everyone a big favour by drenching these scenes in blood & slime. Species III doesn't shy away from the nudity either with both Mabrey & Cooke seriously hot looking ladies. Surprisingly Species III was a straight to video release which was shot on HD video & is technically very good. The cinematography is nice, the impressive special make-up effects are mostly of the rubber & latex variety with thankfully little in the way of CGI. The acting wasn't particularly great but then nothings perfect right? I really liked Species III, a horror film that realises it's intended audience & doesn't shy away from giving them what they want (at least in it's uncut form anyway). If you liked the first two Species film then this is a must & I'd definitely recommend it to horror Sci-Fi fans in general as well.

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