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Mark Ruffalo as Terry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boatsfra 10 / 10 / 10

Fantastic Movie Filled with Sadness

Going into the theater to see Spotlight, I had read the rave reviews and knew I was in for something special. This movie did not disappoint! Being from Boston, this movie really made me think about my life growing up, as a lot of "what ifs" came to mind. "What if" I went to church every Sunday..."what if" I was gullible enough to have a priest lure me into his lair. Spotlight goes straight to the heart of this amazingly sad (and apparently never-ending) saga of the Catholic church and the amount of abuse priests have inflicted on hundreds of victims. The acting is all-around fantastic, from Mr. Keaton to some actors that I am not familiar with, which is an aspect of this fine movie that makes it so profound. Tense throughout, I was saddened to hear that this abuse is an epidemic and probably will never be stopped. The exclamation point was when a member of the audience stood up and told the rest of us "...I am a survivor..." WOW...

Reviewed by tenyearreunion 10 / 10 / 10

3 Years on, 5 viewings and it gets me everytime

I cannot fault this film and I really should have reviewed this earlier. Having recently been very disappointed with this years 'The Post' I went back to watch I see as the definitive investigative journalist movie. After 5 viewings I felt I needed to pay the cast, crew and director some very small payback in recommending it to anyone reading an IMDB review some 3 years after release. This movie has a scene I will never get over. The Mark Ruffalo outburst. I remember clearly at the Cinema literally grabbing the arms of the chair as I felt the character's emotion and angst. Hell, I laugh and cry and many movies but that scene, this creation, stirs emotions I have never felt watching a movie. The movie is pretty much faultless. What a story, what a movie. It deserved so many more Oscars that it received. I have no doubt whatsever it will stand the test of time. Please watch it.

Reviewed by cseelmi 10 / 10 / 10


Shook me to make myself more useful to the world! It shows how often we blame others but sometimes don't do our parts ourselves. It's never to late to do our part and make ourselves useful!

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