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Augie Duke as Jane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by georgiamoxie 6 / 10 / 10

Spring can be whatever you want it to be

I'll bet they have fun with this one in film studies. Spring can be used as a personality test based on how a viewer perceives it. Do they see it as a romantic drama comedy about star crossed lovers? Do they see a satire poking fun at the gamut of movies about an immortal falling in love with a mortal that they've only known for 5 days and be willing to give up their immortality for love? Do they see an art house style movie full of symbolism and bravo for abstract expression? Do they think it's just stupid and makes no sense? Do they just see a zombie shooting drugs in a church? Spring is a little bit of all of that. I was kept guessing only when it related to what the heck Louise was. The rest follows the generic formula for a romantic comedy that didn't really leave me satisfied when it was over. I am not really ashamed to admit that I was hoping she'd eat Evan at the end.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 9 / 10 / 10

An atmospheric romantic film with Lovecraftian elements.

I saw this on a dvd recently. Wasnt keen on watching this. Firstly, it is not a horror film n fans of the horror genre will b disappointed. There is too much chatting between characters but there was something which made me complete the film in one sitting n although as a horror fan i got cheated into seeing this, i cannot dismiss this as a bad film. This film falls perfectly in the Lovecraftian horror genre. Has elements of science fiction, romance, mythos n fate. The acting by the two leads was surprisingly very good n both the characters were likeable. The only drawback is u dont get to see the monster in its full form but thats not the point of the film. Also noteworthy are some beautifully shot scenes. The ending scene was beautifully done with beautiful settings. To b honest, i dont like such films n will not watch these kinda films. One of my online pal convinced me into seeing this. Definitely it is a very good film but not my taste.

Reviewed by Ian Love 9 / 10 / 10

A superb little film any horror fan should give a shot.

Tired of the trending, by the number supernatural/zombie/hack-and-slash horror films? This is the refreshing little film you need. I watched the film having no idea what I was stepping into, and I think that's the way it should be watched. It covers a host of disparate film genres and blends them beautifully together ( I don't even want to mention which ones as that itself partly spoils the film in my mind). The film has gorgeous visuals, great direction, and some amazing shots of breathtaking locations in Italy. The films score is composed by electronic musician Jimmy Lavalle, and compliments the film perfectly with its lush and ethereal sounding synths - definitely worth listening to on its own too. With it's amalgamation of genres it's easy to see why the film didn't prove more popular, but give it a watch, and you'll be glad you're in the minority of those who did the same.

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