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Dirk Benedict as David Blake
Felix Silla as Twiki
Heather Menzies-Urich as Kristina Stoner
Strother Martin as Airman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

A mad doctor experimenting with snakes and humans with terrible consequences

The film deals a mad doctor(Strother Martin),his former helper has disappeared and he asks to University professor(Richard B. Shull)a student. A young man called David (Richard Benedict)looking for employment is hired by the scientific.The doctor works a secrets experiments on snakes.Meanwhile David falls in love with his daughter(Heather Menzies).Then the ¨mad doctor¨ injects him a serum into becoming a King Cobra snake causing a horrible transformation. The motion picture packs horror,romance,shocks and is quite entertained. In the film appear known actors from the 70s and 80s as Dick Benedict(¨Galactica Battlestar,A Team¨),Strother Martin(Peckimpah's usual player:¨Wild bunch¨),Heather Menzies(Robert Urich wife and little girl actress in ¨Sound of music¨)and Reb Brown(a beefcake who played many hunk men vehicles). John Chambers provides a deliriously imaginative make-up ,he won an Academy Award by the classic ¨Planet of Apes¨and made the sequels among others films(Phantom of the paradise ans Island of Dr. Moreau).Executive producers are Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown ,short time after they produced the successful ¨Jaws¨to Steven Spielberg. The motion picture is well directed by Bernard L. Kowalski who worked with Roger Corman.Slick film aimed at youthful audiences and terror lovers.

Reviewed by lambiepie-2 4 / 10 / 10

Frankensteinish for Snakes

I saw this on regular TV in the 80s, and then recently saw it on one of the cable channels uncut. This is one of those 70s horror films that came out that experimented with the way out genre. I think if there was some idea to experiment with mixing this with that kinda thing, they tried it and made a movie out of it in the 70s with small budgets. Come on, it's too much to take seriously - but for some, it can be scary because of the theme of snakes and especially towards the end. Strother Martin plays the 'mad scientist' that has lost his mind in his ambition to make people into snakes. He gets a new research assistant after the other one 'goes missing', played by Dirk Benedict and proceeds to turn him into a snake. The 'mad scientist's' daughter, played by Heather Menzies, falls in love with the new research assistant, of course. The thing about these low-budget 70s movies is that they do not have a happy ending. This one doesn't either. The town seems to be populated with people who are very dense, and films like this defy folks realizing the worst is happening until the worst has happened. And the police? Always arriving at the last minute--unable to 'save the day' but scratch their heads and wonder what has been going on right under their noses. So yeah, this film is formulaic in that sense. It could be a thrill for those who like all kinds of snakes, as this film shows them. I'm not a lover of snakes, however, I could not help but cheer for the Cobra near the end, and feel really, really bad for the mongoose. The acting is 70s overacting - and you find yourself thinking how different this film would have been with more money and a script where people would have at least a gun or garden hoe to save themselves - but that's how these films went. Not very bad, but not very good either, looks more like a 70s movie of the week instead of a 70s feature film, but its just enough to keep some interest and a good entry for those reviewing the 70s history of inexpensive, "what were they thinking' horror films. Don't take it too seriously.

Reviewed by thesar-2 4 / 10 / 10

Sssilly Ssseventies Sssnake Ssscares

Not much to write about, but sssuffice to sssay its sssecond half is where the venom ssstrikes. Sssssss is just another When-Animals-Attack/Mad-Scientist-Goes-Green films from the 70s. It's not necessarily bad, at least for the first three quarters, but then the movie literally falls apart when someone reminded the writer this was supposed to be a horror movie. College snake expert slowly turns assistant into a "man-snake" (?) because man-men are destroying the planet. Eh, throw in a love story and funding problems, and you have a too-long film. If you like the subgenre as mentioned above, like I do, it's harmlessssssssss. *** Final thoughts: Day 18 Movie in the Can! I'm watching a NEW-2-ME horror movie every day of October 2016 and this one was mentioned many times on a horror podcast I listened to. I previously saw like the last 20 minutes on TV once and thought I'd see what all the fussssss was about. (Ok, I'm done.)

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