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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10 / 10

Staging a not so perfect Christmas

Just to say now, in my view not all Lifetime's Christmas offerings are bad. Actually was pleasantly surprised by some, which has been true of my film viewings of Hallmark/Lifetime etc Christmas films in general over-time. Actually really liked the concept here for 'Staging Christmas', it sounded so sweet and poignant, but whether it was going to work was all going to be dependent on the likeability of the characters and two leads, their interaction and how the story would be executed. All are executed underwhelmingly sadly here in 'Staging Christmas'. There are far worse films about and far worse Christmas films overall, but 'Staging Christmas' is not an example of a Lifetime Christmas film being surprisingly good and nearly everything that a few of my friends dislikes about Lifetime's films is present. For anybody iffy about any of previously seen Lifetime's Christmas offerings, this will do next to nothing to change your mind and might reinforce it. 'Staging Christmas' is lovingly shot and has suitably picturesque scenery. There are some pleasant moments in the soundtrack, emphasis though on some. Mia Clark is adorable and is the film's most rootable character. The chemistry between her and George Stults has some charm. Which is something that the two leads don't have. Stults looks stiff and unemotive and Soleil Moon Frye has the opposite problem of overacting, when the character is happy it looks so affected and too fixed. Instead of likeable, she came over as annoying. The two have no chemistry with each other and seem so distant. The pedestrian direction doesn't help them. Neither does the cliched character writing, that gives the characters like one or two character traits and not much else, or the soggy and corny script that really overdoes the sentiment to saccharine degrees. The story sounded so charming on paper, but ended up being dull, over-sentimental and running out of ideas-like. The ending can be seen from a mile away and left me cold rather than moved. The music tends to be too constant and too loud. In conclusion, quite lacking in most areas. 3/10

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10 / 10

Unnecessary Christmas movie

A Christmas stager uses the house of a widower and his little girl. Romance ensues. Not that much story and the stars are a little detached and uncharismatic. Below Hallmark standards.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10 / 10

No sparks.

The staging aspect is not a common plot device, although there have been a couple of TV movies that used this theme. What is used way too often is doing-a-good-job-means-a-promotion followed closely by the-promotion-will-take-us-apart. Up to the climax, any viewer could have told pretty much everything that would happen, with the possible exception of storm Meghan which has been in most or all of Lifetime's premieres this year. And of course the ending is predictable too, but what brings it about was a a little surprise for me. Other than whether the party would succeed and the possible promotion, there was very little tension or conflict. I wasn't impressed with the acting. It didn't seem natural. George Stults seemed stiff to me and Soleil Moon Frye wasn't much better. They had so much screen time together, it wouldn't be entirely accurate to say there was no chemistry, but it wasn't great. As is often the case in movies with a widower and daughter, the leading lady and kid seemed to have more chemistry than the leading couple. On the other hand, the acting didn't turn me off so badly that I still couldn't enjoy the movie at least some. And the role of the little girl was well done avoiding overplaying the role as kid actors sometimes do. In holiday movies, I enjoy them more when they include music and singing by the cast. There were a couple of group participation songs which were nice.

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