Stalked at 17

Drama / Thriller / TV Movie

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Amy Pietz as Karen Curson
Jamie Luner as Toni Marshall
Linda Purl as Sherry Fairfax-Rothstein
Taylor Spreitler as Angela Curson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by realvedmak 1 / 10 / 10

Bad movie, worse acting

Is it only in USA that guy being 21 and girl being 17 somehow is supposed to make audience feel that there is something wrong? That 17 is really not all that much different from 21. You don't know all that much more unless you are undergoing extreme experiences. Most people spend those years mostly in school, and not all that much changes. I don't believe I ever met 17 year old that was as stupid as main character was in this movie. This movie was badly written. They should have had psychologist/psychiatrist with actual field experience as consultant.Instead script reads like it was written by somebody utterly clueless about regular people that age. To top that off, casting was just horrible. Main actress cant act and should look for different career. So should most of the rest of the cast. I find that if script was better written, and if acting was better, perhaps this could have been a tragic story, where we could feel bad for both people. Instead, I felt nothing at all for any character in this movie, and found myself fast forwarding a lot. Give this one a pass, your time should be worth more to you.

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

Stupid at 16

"Inspired by true events," this story begins with a young mother being "Stalked at 17" by a hooded young man. He pulls a gun on her and orders Taylor Spreitler (as Angela Curson) to get the baby and go somewhere… One year earlier, we flashback to how the stalker met the stalked. Academically very smart, Ms. Spreitler is touring her prospective college. There, she meets the young man from the opening teaser. Without the gun and hood, Chuck Hittinger (as Chad Bruning) looks cute and charming. Invited to his party, Spreitler is quickly carrying Mr. Hittinger's baby... While effectively engaging the audience, the opening gives away most of the story. This is a common way for TV Movies to grab your attention and help you decide to watch their movie. It can be intriguing, but not when the plot falls into place so quickly. An hour is spent going through what we pretty much know is going to happen. A mysterious bit of background involving imprisoned Jamie Luner (as Toni Marshall) is likewise easy to predict. Although the "adopted" Hittinger and Spreitler have similar features, they are not brother and sister. That would be too complicated. *** Stalked at 17 (2012-10-27) Doug Campbell ~ Taylor Spreitler, Chuck Hittinger, Linda Purl, Amy Pietz

Reviewed by tink360 5 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly good, but lame ending to film is a shame

Movie was entertaining, and the acting better than I had expected from everyone in the film. Leads young but I thought they played their characters well. The 16 / 17 year old lead was naive and made some poor choices, but to me that is well in character for who she was. Her friend Tenaya seemed to have more common sense & offer some good advice. The cast was impressive, I know I've seen most of them in other roles on TV or movies but the acting was good & everyone was believable in their character for this film. The big let down was the ending - the first time I saw it I thought someone at the network had screwed up & cut off the last 5 minutes of the film to start the next one on time. So I watched the last half again when it came on later that night - same thing! Just a close up on the baby & flashbacks her stalker boyfriend was having - presumably as his life ebbed away? After becoming interested in the storyline & the characters I sure wanted more than this vague half baked ending.

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