Standing Still

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Colin Hanks as Quentin
Ethan Embry as Seamus Riley
Mena Suvari as Sarah Bowman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by se7en187 7 / 10 / 10

Great ensemble makes up for an an average story

A group of college kids return four years after graduation for a wedding. It sounds clichéd, and well, it is, but the ensemble is great that I didn't mind too much. It stars 20-something actors including Colin Hanks, Ethan Embry, Adam Garcia, Amy Adams, Mena Suvari, James Van Der Beek, and Jon Abrahams. Xander Berkeley is also in it for a little bit. The film has a bunch of familiar story lines with all of the different characters, but the actors do a good job of performing it. I would have liked it more if it stayed strictly comedy though, there were some parts where it tried to go to drama and it just felt a little out of place. But anyway, it was a nice film, I'm sure the average college kid will enjoy it. And with so many characters, the director did a good job of not making the film too crowded and unorganized.

Reviewed by mario_c 7 / 10 / 10

Nice film about love and human relationships

It's a nice movie about a couple that is going to merry and invite their friends to spend the wedding weekend in their home. Some of these friends know each others, but others don't. It's funny to see how they all relate! This movie is half comedy, half drama, but it's a very "smooth" and "light" film… Like other IMDb user said it's very "easy to watch"… The drama part is related to old frustrations of some characters, things unsolved from the past, but it's not too dramatic or melodramatic, no, it's a very "light drama"… The comedy parts are the funny scenes, which are very simple but effective! They aren't so many, but enough to make you laugh! I also loved some characters: "Pockets" (played by Jon Abrahams) which is pretty funny; "Jennifer" (Lauren German) the lesbian girl; "Elise", the bride (Amy Adams), which is extremely sweet (!); and finally "Lana" (Mena Suvari), the "confused" girl… All in all it's a nice film about love and human relationships (woman-man… and even woman-woman…)! The wedding stuff is just plot's background!

Reviewed by mikeminetti 7 / 10 / 10

Very Impressed With This Little Film

Saw this at a film festival in Vegas last year. You've seen the story before, but this ensemble cast does it better than most. From the opening scene, these characters are believable, funny, and very entertaining. I was only familiar with Mena Suvari & James Van Der Beek, but it's the "unknowns" who steal the show (especially Colin Hanks & Jon Abrahams). These guys are good enough to make you forget you're watching a low budget movie. My only gripe is with a dramatic scene at the end which fell a little flat, otherwise a great way to spend 90 minutes. It also doesn't hurt that Lauren German is VERY easy on the eyes. One of my favorite movies of 2005.

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