Stark Raving Mad

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Adam Arkin as Darius
Dave Foley as Bill Davidson
Lou Diamond Phillips as Jesse Rainfeather Goldman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kersus 10 / 10 / 10

He 'can' carry a movie!

Direct to video it seems in North America, while it hit theatres in Europe. I saw this in a convenience store rental area - DVD for $1.99. The name of the movie's star was written larger than the title of the movie. It reaked of B-movie caliber. The name? Sean William Scott! I liked Sean in Road Trip, Final Destination, Dude Where's My Car and Evolution. His fame though comes from the American Pie movies. You'll also see him in Bulletproof Monk and The Rundown. He hasn't shown a ton of range in his acting ability and the closest he came to carrying a movie was in Dude where he co-starred. He has always done his role effectively though so after a few visits to the convenience store we decided to give him a try. I didn't expect much, and was shocked by what I viewed. Not only is Sean the star of this movie but he carries this movie with a superb cast, script, and direction. From the beginning to the end this was a classic in the making. From the stop scenes where characters talk to the camera, to the white haired Lou Diamond Phillips, to the Chinese Food delivery guy and further. I laughed and laughed and kept feeling "What a great movie!" Here's the gist you could easily get from the back of the box. They're going to pull a robbery using a Rave as a cover. In the course of the movie, they have many hurdles to overcome. During this, funny stuff happens. Sean plays the straight guy and a relatively serious role - very different from his other roles. He pulls it off without a hitch. Lou Diamond Phillips (Young Guns fame) is another surprise. You won't believe how good he is until you see him in this role. Easily the best of Lou I've ever seen. The whole cast was fantastic but I do have to mention Timm Sharp who's character was hard to like, but well developed and acted with precision. One would be remiss not to mention Dave Foley who played a part that was totally unlike anything I've ever seen from him. Truly amazing he was. Like I said, there wasn't a bad actor in the movie. Drew Daywalt and David Schneider seemed to make great directors and great writers. As Dave Foley said (the gist of it anyway from the DVD extras) - the difference between one director and two directors is that with two director's you have to pretend to listen to TWO people. Dave's humour! This movie is well developed, it has good camera action, and leaves you feeling like you spent two hours wisely. It's a classic for me and will sit on my shelf proudly displayed while I mention it to everyone who visits! Pick up the movie!

Reviewed by ImJacksSmirkingRevenge18 10 / 10 / 10

Stark Raving Awesome!!!!

I literally just finished watching this film and to say that I was impressed is an understatement. This film is good, really good. It obviously has its flaws and some of the plot lines contained in the film are a little strange but overall the film works. The film follows Ben McGewen (Scott) and his band of thieves as they try to break into a bank vault through the wall of a night club where McGewen works. Over the course of the film, villains, the police and many other funny incidents are introduced to the audience and they all provide comedy and substance to the movie. There are several things in this film which must be applauded. First, Scott's performance is spot on and shows he can do characters outside of the Stifmeister. The supporting cast are also very good. However, what is truly great about this film, apart from the editing and direction, is the plot. Drew Daywalt and David Schneider (writers and directors) manage to create an environment where the audience are sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next bizarre occurrence to get in the way of the job. Sure, the conclusion is done well, but its the actually story that makes this film worth watching. Im surprised this film went straight to video and I hope that more people see it, if not for the immortal lines: Scott: So what are you doing now? Jeffrey Jay: I rob banks. Scott: What you doing here then? Jeffrey Jay: Robbing a bank. Brilliantly acted, directed and with a very suitable musical score I give this film an easy 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by ripcord76 10 / 10 / 10

This movie should be called Stark Raving Fun.

The other day me and a friend of mine were discussing Seann William Scott. We were watching evolution and both thought it was great but Sean William Scott is just playing the same character over and over and its gonna end soon if he doesnt do something else. (though I do hope they make an evolution sequel, but not likely) Then my friend was like "well he did have that striaght to video action movie or whatever it was" I was like " geeze straight to video already, he didnt have a chance." It got me very interested, however, since Stark Raving Mad was the only movie Seann Scott had been in I had not seen. I went and rented the film and me and my friend watched it the next day. What I was was surprised. Here is a film that deserves much better than the straight to video release it got. It has top notch direction, excellent pacing and sets and a truly fitting musical score. This film is a little light on plot but it makes up for it with its excellent characters, I found it truly a pleasure to watch. Seann William Scott really steps up to the plate with this film and brings something new to the table. I watched the film through with the commentary track the next day and I have to say if you like commentary tracks this one is almost more entertaining than the film itself. If Seann William Scott ever reads this (not that I expect him to) I would want him to know how his enthusiasm for this project and real want to do something different than typical American Pie characters really comes through in the film, I could really tell this was more than a paycheck for Seann. In the immortal words of Seann Scott's co-star Monet Mazur "This movie should be called Stark Raving Fun... 'cause thats what we've been having." lol

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