Starship Troopers: Invasion

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Big Cloits 5 / 10 / 10

better than expected, but not actually good

Yes, this movie was better than expected, better than the other sequels (which lowered our expectations)... but that doesn't mean it was actually good. Not even close. Read the book twenty years ago, loved it, and mostly enjoyed Verhoeven's funky interpretation in 1997. Nauseated by ST2 and ST3. Just bemused by this one. A ridiculous predictable plot... continuity weirdness everywhere... flat characters... stilted voice acting... lines so corny they were make you laugh AT the film, not with it. The campy, corny style of the original was part of the satire, and it was kind of brilliant. The corn here was either a tone deaf imitation, or more likely just clunky filmmaking. But! Some good art, tasty eye candy, creative sound, and a few good sci-fi ideas. Definitely not a TOTAL waste of time.

Reviewed by LiveFire1 6 / 10 / 10

Best Film Made

This is literally my favorite film I have ever seen. Made by the animators that make Appleseed which is the best CGI films until this. It is actually better then the first movie from 1997, with better action, acting "voice acting" and its realistic science fiction style is unmatched in any film/anime/CGI I have seen. Its story is a solid 10/10 with no plot holes or stupid mystery box gimmicks. It is fantastically paced and with a great adult plot consisting of just the right amount of complexity, violence, profanity, and nudity. A true master piece of R rated Adult CGI animation. I truly do not know why this film does not have an 8+ on IMDb, it certainly deserves it. If you like the original film and realistic science fiction made for actual adults this is the film for you. The only people who are not giving this amazing film good reviews must not have liked the original film or high quality CGI that is actually made for adult audiences.....

Reviewed by quincytheodore 6 / 10 / 10

Video game visual presents smooth skin and gnarly bugs, though the script is still from the 90s

Many might not know Starship Troopers, despite being a cult classic, has a couple of less than stellar sequels. Opting for all CG approach for the fourth one, Invasion is crafted with heavy anime Japanese touch. It has so many resemblances to video game graphic, down to facial and body structures, which gives it a chance for spectacular effect. Be that as it may, the material still doesn't go beyond generic sci-fi banters. Story follows the crew of Alesia as they perform dangerous missions and uncover secret of the bugs. The graphic is good, an above average quality of CG at that time, and this different direction caters both to franchise fans and general sci-fi enthusiasts. For most part, the rendition is glossy and proportional. It presents its highest production value on gratuitous naked digital girls and gory action. It does stutter occasionally, in a few scenes the action seem rigid and facial expression is rather bland. Japanese video game screenplay is notoriously hampered with campy dialogues or over-the-top situations. Those who have played popular video game franchise such as Resident Evil will notice similar kinks on Invasion. Characters are made with stereotypical personalities and looks, a somewhat westernized army appearance for animation genre. Sexy blonde, rugged soldier and everything in between. The film attempt to give some depth to the characters, but its script just isn't up to task. It can be cringe-worthy to hear what these people say. Macho quips, overly melodramatic lines and even catchphrases are thrown with reckless abandon. Dubbing isn't that bad, they do their best with the jarring lines. Some level of knowledge of the series might be required as it lacks narrative, and even then the story barely wraps up. To its credit, the action part is presentable. A couple of high octane scenes are better than most in sci-fi genre. Starship Troopers: Invasion might not reach the same pinnacle of its original, but as a popcorn flick it provides enough chuckles and gazes for brief delight.

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