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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10 / 10

Lady Terminator spits on your grave!

Every once and a while, unfortunately not very often, you encounter a film for which you had low or even zero expectations, but then it turns out to be surprisingly enjoyable! I used to always refer to "Scream for Help" as an example for this, but it looks as if I can now also refer to "Steel and Lace" as an example as well! Being a low-budgeted and early 90s Sci-Fi/cyborg rip-off starring a couple of washed up B- movie stars, I just started watching "Steel and Lace" with all my brain functions switched off, but it didn't even take 10 minutes before I sat there with a big and sleazy smile on my face! The very simple but ingenious premise can be described as a hybrid between cyborg flicks like "The Terminator" or "Robocop" and rape & revenge horrors like "I Spit on your Grave". The beautiful and talented Gaily Morton was the victim a gang-rape, but during the trial in court, the nasty culprit Daniel Emerson and his buddies are set free due a lack of evidence. The poor girl can't handle the acquittal and commits suicide by throwing herself from a rooftop. Five years later, Gaily's scientist brother Albert recovered her body and turned her into a hi-tech cyborg with as sole mission to eliminate her assailants one by one. The murders in "Steel and Lace" are downright fantastic! Disguised as femme fatale, she lures them to sleazy hotels or empty meeting rooms and subsequently disembowels, decapitates or viciously castrates them! Enter David Naughton ("An American Werewolf in London") and the ravishing Stacy Haiduk as respectively a police inspector and a freelance reporter; both investigating the murder series and both suspecting a connection with the infamous trial. Particularly the first half of "Steel and Lace" is a lot of fun, with even a handful of hilarious lines as well. Upon discovering the first corpse, who got killed by a drilling device coming out of the cyborg's stomach, Detective Dunn makes the intelligent remark: "It looks like someone dropped a bowling ball right through him". The police doctor's reaction is even better, as he lifts the sheet that is covering the body, looks as him and stoically says: "This man has a hole in him…" The make-up effects are very good, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, since director Ernest Farino previously worked in the visual effects department of such classics like "The Terminator", "The Abyss", "The Thing" and "Dreamscape". The second half is less entertaining, since it primarily focuses on Haiduk's private investigation and Gaily's human conscience that slowly develops itself again, but by then "Steel and Lace" already turned into a guilty pleasure for sure.

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 5 / 10 / 10

Steel and Lace

A brilliant scientist, Albert Morton(..renowned character actor Bruce Davison, providing his usual solid performance)resurrects the memory of his dead sister, Gaily(Clare Wren, cherubic when she isn't giving her victims the cold stare of doom before executing them)who committed suicide after her rapist attacker, Daniel Emerson(Michael Cerveris, perfecting the confident scoundrel)was found not-guilty by a jury due to "insuffient evidence" thanks to the scumbag's four best friends, who testified on his behalf(..and were actually the ones responsible for holding the poor girl down as Daniel molested her), by creating a cybernetic killing machine modeled after her. A sketch artist, who worked Gaily's trial, Alison(Stacy Haiduk, balancing a mousy but hot sex appeal) is coerced by her agent, Duncan(Nick Tate)into returning to her old job, a project dedicated to the ones involved in the trial of Gaily. Alison attempts to rub elbows with old flame, Detective Dunn(David Naughton)hoping he'll help her get close to those who were sketched by her during the trial of Gaily, soon discovering that the ones responsible for the rape are being hunted down and murdered in grisly, unusual ways. Driven and determined, Alison will become obsessed with the case when Duncan is killed during an encounter with Gaily..we come to understand that Albert is behind the scenes commanding her to kill and no one is allowed to interrupt the mission of destroying those responsible for that suicide from five years ago thanks to injustice. Meanwhile, bodies start to pile up with Daniel and those that remain grow more concerned and restless. Can Dunn and Alison stop the blood shed or will Albert complete this cycle of revenge in the memory of his beloved Gaily. I'm a sucker for the "human cyborg" sub-genre, and this little movie suitably entertained me. The practical effects might seem primitive next to a film like Steven Spielberg's AI, but I admire the imaginative methods of destruction such as a spinning drill that cuts a hole all the way through one victim while another's head is removed from his body. The funniest death isn't really overly gory, but appropriately tongue-in-cheek as one victim's body is sucked dry through his pecker. Fans of Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD should enjoy one victim's skull getting split apart by a helicopter propeller. As many of these movies used to be, the villains(..Daniel and his cronies, now businessman in suits swindling good people of their property in criminal ways to plant malls where they live)are loathsome and lecherous as you root for their destruction. The pace is excellent, even if the story's formula is familiar(..five thugs, behind a heinous crime they got away with, facing violent death for their actions in bloody fashion)..director Ernest D Farino keeps the film moving, with emphasis on the revenge story wasting no time of needless filler which doesn't contribute to the motivations of the characters and the situation. It's no surprise that this is the kind of film, having a visual effects background, Farino would make, because the story involved hi-tech(..for 1991)devices used on victims. Many would watch STEEL AND LACE now and probably criticize the effects because they don't necessarily hold up to the advancements of this modern age, but if I had watched this as a kid teenager I would've been thrilled. The story is far-fetched(..could Albert really pull off such a concocted plan, and wouldn't Daniel have a security force around him as protection?), but the audience gets to see slime annihilated in very creative ways..a classic story of revenge with a robotic twist on who is conducting the series of murders, a genre movie all the way. Kind of a tragic and sad conclusion that doesn't allow Albert to get away scot-free, and interesting development showing the cybernetic version of Gaily evolving, desiring to understand emotion and feeling. My favorite visual effects sequence would probably be when Albert is opening up the skull of his cybernetic creation, with the director allowed to show off his skills regarding her robotic brain and the inner workings involved with making her function.

Reviewed by poolandrews 5 / 10 / 10

I thought it was OK.

Steel and Lace starts in a Los Angeles courtroom where general all round scumbag Danny Emerson (Michael Cerveris) is on trial for the rape of Gaily Morton (Clare Wren), the verdict is in & Emerson is acquitted due to lack of evidence & the testimony of four of Emerson's friends, Toby (Scott Burkholder), Oscar (Paul Lieber), Norman (Brian Backer) & Craig (John J. York) who all gave him a false alibi. Gaily is devastated, she feels let down, cheap, angry & used as Emerson walks out of court a free man. Gaily makes her way to the courthouse roof & before her brother Albert (Bruce Davison) can stop her she commits suicide by jumping off it. However Albert happens to be a hotshot scientist & manages to bring Gaily back to life as a part human part robot cyborg, with one aim, to gain revenge on Emerson & the men who lied in court for him. Los Angeles detective Dunn (David Naughton) & his artist girlfriend Alison (Stacy Haiduk) are on hand to try & figure out who is responsible for the ever-growing pile of dead bodies... Directed by Ernest D. Farino I thought Steel and Lace was an OK time-waster but nothing particularly special. The script by Joseph Dougherty & Dave Edison has a neat central premise but it fails to deliver the goods on too many occasions. For starters Emerson is nowhere near villainous enough, we never see him rape Gaily & most of the film he comes across as a slightly dishonest property developer which meant I never really got behind the cybernetic Gaily & her revenge mission as much as I would have liked, his four mates are even worse as beside lying in court for him they don't do anything else at all. I also thought it was too slow & pedestrian between the revenge segments which are few, I'd have liked a much bigger body count. I mean when you look at the plot synopsis & see that it's a film about rape, death, revenge, murder & killer cyborgs you just think that it's going to be slightly more exploitative than it actually is. Basically the rape scene is none existent & the revenge scenes aren't much to shout about either, Death Wish (1974), I Spit On Your Grave (1978) or MS. 45 (1981) this ain't. Having said that it's still watchable, it's reasonably good fun & there are one or two amusing (intentional) comedic moments in it & I quite liked the ending. Director Farino doesn't do anything special & it sort of looks a bit like a made-for-TV film, it's a bit static & dull to watch. No mention of how Gaily was brought back is made, she just shows up as a killer robot which seems to skip a somewhat major plot point but I doubt anyone is going to watch Steel and Lace for it's writing or intricate plot. There are a couple of decent scenes & some nice gore, someone gets a drill through their chest which leaves a rather big hole, someone is decapitated & a cool Dawn of the Dead (1978) style scene when someone has the top of their head chopped off by the spinning blades on a helicopter. Technically the film is OK but nothing special, the special effects are actually decent. The acting was alright & there are a couple of familiar faces here. Steel and Lace is a decent time-waster, it's one of those films which I thought was fine but nothing spectacular & I'd have probably forgotten about it by the end of next week. Worth a watch for sure but don't lose any sleep if you haven't seen it already.

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