Steps of Faith

Comedy / Drama / Family

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Amy Weber as Karina Nadir
Chrystee Pharris as Faith Houston
Irma P. Hall as Mammy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kimestry67 10 / 10 / 10

What a wonderful film, which is a must see!!!!!!!!

This was a Very Enriched Wholesome Family Filled Movie!! M. Legend the Writer/Director brought Love to the screen in the way that God ordains the steps to be. I was highly entertained as my heart was moved by the Simple Love that was projected in this screen play. Charles Malik Whitfield who portrayed Marshall Lee is a Phenomenal and a complete gentleman who exhibits Hard Work, Charisma and Patience. Chrystee Pharis who portrayed Faith Harris was so Awesomely Beautiful and showed us that being Faithful with a little Patience eventually pays off. Irma P. Hall portrays the greatest Big Mama ever, she is a class act that just won't stop!! I look for more Family filled as well as wholesome religious films to cross my path and enlighten my life as this one has done. Not to mention that this took place in the Country, and as a Country girl I fell in Love with the whole story. May God continue to Bless you and your path M. Legend,as we look forward to more great movies that you are so blessedto bring our way. Sincerely, Kimberly Montgomery A.K.A. Kimalee Dawn

Reviewed by Oddjob22667 9 / 10 / 10

Faith-based rom-com that works for the whole family.

The film Steps Of Faith, by writer-director M. Legend Brown, features a large & talented cast: Charles Malik Whitfield (The Temptations), Chrystee Pharris (Passions, Scrubs), Ted Lange (The Love Boat), Tracey Ross (Passions), and Irma P. Hall (Soul Food, The Ladykillers). It's a great mix of Texas and national talent. Steps Of Faith is a faith-based film that has a broad religious theme that I think would appeal to many fans of family fare. It's a Christian film that's not just for Christians although I think that's who will pick up on much of the humor the most (the comparisons of African American and Caucasian churches within the film are pretty brilliant). To a mainstream secular audience, though, Steps Of Faith is a romantic comedy that works for the entire family - in fact there is even some family drama included as part of the plot. That plot involves Faith Houston (Pharris) who takes off to a small Texas town after she quits her job as a leap of faith. In desperation Houston takes a job as a farmhand at the 'Steps Of Faith' farm, a therapeutic outlet for kids and their families that employs hippotherapy to help special needs kids. It is a type of therapy that includes riding horses to improve motor skills & the well-being of children; it's a similar concept to the famous quote (I paraphrase) "There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." Unfortunately, Houston has some problems with the farm - namely, she's not good with kids or animals. That's where a lot of the comedy comes in. She also has doubts about her own faith. There's the drama. However, Whitfield provides the romance and does so quite skillfully. The story is multi-layered, the scenes are realistic since almost everything was shot on location, and even the music - including the music of the Southern church, sounds great. One woman that was at the same showing I was said she didn't realize how funny it would be. She also mentioned that she liked it since she got the message of the film but wasn't "beaten over the head," by didactic storytelling. If adults are looking for a "good, clean" movie yet one that could also be watched by kids Steps Of Faith would make an excellent choice.

Reviewed by bobbygoode-544-656807 9 / 10 / 10

Very sweet funny and uplifting Indy film

I am a cynical guy but I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Chrystee Pharris delivers a powerful performance as a young woman (Faith Houston) certain she's had an epiphany, a call to work at a horse farm in rural Texas which is dedicated to "hippo therapy" - helping challenged kids by introducing them to the love of horses. A lot of changes are in store for Faith, involving a whole strange gamut of experiences and emotions which are dramatic, funny and emotional, testing her confidence, courage and her faith. But it's all part of her transformation from cluelessness to wisdom. It's a simple, refreshing little movie filmed on location in various parts of Texas. The supporting cast is superb - with nice appearances by Ted Lange (Love Boat) and Tracey Ross (Passions). Kudos to all who pulled this independent project together and especially to Ms. Pharris in this her first star turn.

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