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Afton Williamson as Tiffany Watson
Johnny Whitworth as Christian Baker
Larry Pine as Dr. Harry Merton
Rupert Simonian as Sam Perkin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by riszla 5 / 10 / 10

Excited to see this...but a flop

Based on a true story - except it's not. What story ? It's made up nonsense. It's a hodge-podge of a white deranged liberals view of society. Such a shame as a real case could have been good. Police are ignoring a missing kid - (because the family is Black!). We get a statistic totally out of context on the screen that states about half a million kids are missing in the US. (But neglects to tell that 99.9% are back within a few hours). Anyway, It starts with the missing girl's father pathetically trying to put 3 flyers up and then attending a pointless 'group talk' meet, (which crops up again and again throughout the film) - rather than doing something about publicising his daughters plight. When the white liberal hero journalist tries to interview the father, at his project high rise apartment he irrationally gets angry about it and kicks him out wanting no publicity (Because he's Black and thats just part of the Black experiance no doubt??). But the Journalist manages to 'jive talk' with a agressive black gang outside to get a lead on a suspect which he writes about. Now in the heat of publicity, the corrupt police are forced to act. However, the suspect is Black and therefore doesn't survive Police Custody. The corrupt Police then try and arrest the Black Brother of the missing girl. And it goes on and on - the Black father is a cardboard character who gets sidelined to blabbing impotently at group meetings and other useless impotent behavour, while the focus is on the hero White liberal Journalist who does the job, gets beaten up etc... and pounds the pavement to dive deep to find out what happened to the girl. You simply can't get over how conceited and biased the film is when watching it.

Reviewed by oaklep 5 / 10 / 10

Powerful Performances

Superb acting from a largely unknown (by me, anyway) cast. Engaging and involving story. I have to say I'm always more compelled to watch movies based on true events. This one held me throughout. As a side note fans of Zazie Beetz (the one face I DID recognise) should be aware her role is of a 'Cameo' nature and lasts only a couple of minutes. Great film.

Reviewed by noemptyhands 5 / 10 / 10

It was alright

I don't know how to take this movie. But this is how black people are treated in this country and it's so sad that the victims are victimized over and over again. I know it's a movie but it's all to real day to day life for many black people living in America. And black police officers and officials that continue to work in these institutions of oppression and inequality should be shamed! Hard movie to watch. I was just not that impressed by the acting or storyline. I felt it was missing something not sure what it was but something was missing.i felt it tried to hard.good attempt though.

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