Still of the Night

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Jessica Tandy as Edna Shaft
Joe Grifasi as Uncle Sam
Meryl Streep as Ellen Martin
Roy Scheider as Officer Frank Murphy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kjhine 7 / 10 / 10

Been there, done that

Forget Hitchcock, and enjoy this film on its own merits. Never mind that it has elements of other films since...Color of Night, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Fatal Attraction, et al. Even a little of Play Misty for Me. You're going to be manipulated, you're going to know that you are being manipulated, and you go along for the ride anyway, thinking she did it, but then maybe that's what I'm supposed to think so maybe she didn't do it...but then they'll think I'm going to think that so maybe she did do it after all..and in the end you decide just to wait and see. Roy Scheider is brilliant in just about everything he does, and Meryl...well, she literally takes your breath away when she walks through the door for the first time. I've never seen her looking more beautiful. And she plays it with the same qualities of Tippi Hedren in both The Birds and Marnie, the same qualities she had in Kramer vs Kramer...nervous, flawed, a bit bewildered, an innocence that is belied by past guilt. Roy's character finds himself atttracted to her even though he's afraid of what he might discover as he digs deeper. Joe Grifasi isn't as clueless as other reviewers have indicated, but you're pretty certain you know what happens to him, if you've seen Fatal Attraction. So...think about all of the Hitchcock elements, all of the afore-mentioned movies after you've watched it, or better yet, watch it again and look for them. It's a nice little psychological thriller, much like others, but still very enjoyable.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 6 / 10 / 10

Fine acting; defective plot

While not quite Hitchcokian, this film is too intellectual for the American audience. I believe that to be the reason that it was such a failure at the box office. But in my view, this is a very good -- though low-keyed -- suspense film. The story involves a psychiatrist (Roy Scheider) whose patient is killed, and a mistress (?...Meryl Street) of his goes to him for help. But could she be the killer. And could she want to kill the psychiatrist as part of a cover-up. And of course, they fall in love. Roy Scheider is excellent and believable here as as Dr. Sam Rice, the psychiatrist. Meryl Streep -- a little surprising as a blonde -- does very well making us wonder if she is the guilty adulteress. Jessica Tandy is along in a nice role as Scheider's mother and fellow psychiatrist. And Josef Sommer turns in another steady role (as he always did as a character actor) as the original victim. Aside from a slightly slow pace (but after all, we're talking about all well-educated and refined people here) is that we have little reason to believe that the ultimate murderer is the guilty party. It's sort of thrown on us late in the film. Aside from that, this is a well-acted film. Recommended. Once

Reviewed by robert blau 6 / 10 / 10

Serviceable thriller

Not bad, but as often seems to be the case with this kind of film, the payoff is somewhat less than the set-up (or should we say, the destination is less interesting than the trip). An interesting exercise, with some twists and turns and good visuals and New York locations. Roy Scheider gives a VERY appealing performance, and a young Meryl Streep is quite lovely and affecting (if a little affected) as the Mystery Woman. Other performers are also good: Josef Sommer very much so as the Patient, Veteran actress Jessica Tandy interesting and effective as Scheider's mom, and Canadian actress Sara Botsford is very striking as the Surprise in Waiting. The cop (Joe Grifasi) was somewhat perfunctory, as arguably was the movie as a whole. Still, with everything going on in it, an enjoyable and not unmeaningful film.

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