Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

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Estelle Getty as Tutti
Sylvester Stallone as Stanley Rosiello
Vanessa Angel as Diane
Ving Rhames as Garvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ianlouisiana 7 / 10 / 10

Take your mother to see it - but don't ask her to stay over.

Very few people make bad films on purpose.Mr Stallone is nobody's fool. These statements should be self-evident.Therefore if SOMMWS is so bad why did a reputable director and a canny star have anything to do with it?The answer is that it isn't a bad film at all,when I saw it the cinema audience gave every appearance of huge enjoyment,many of Miss Getty's one - liners induced such laughter that Mr Stallone's rueful responses were often inaudible.I believe the trouble lies in the fact that many critics refuse to accept that Mr Stallone is in fact quite an accomplished light comedian as well as being an action star of proved bankability. As an LA detective having his mother over for a visit he is able to play against type in this fish out of water comedy.As mother,Miss Estelle Getty seizes a rare big screen opportunity and makes every line count.She is an innocent abroad in big bad LA,blithely going where wise men fear to tread. SOMMWS is not ground - breaking stuff,but it is old - fashioned funny. You could take your mother to see it - but don't ask her to stay over.

Reviewed by Mitch3996 4 / 10 / 10

Stallone called it his worst film - and he's right

Stallone has made a few turds in his career - Grudge Match, Rhinestone, Judge Dredd and Rocky V being examples, however they are nowhere near as bad as this. Truly one of the most unfunny comedies ever. The premise is that Stallone's tough-cop character is visited by his nosy, interfering mother (Estelle Getty) after he breaks up with his partner. From here, it basically consists of a string of sequences where she does bad-ass things with weapons and the like alongside him. The main problem I had with this film is that it simply isn't funny. The gags and punchlines that are meant to make us laugh completely fail, and then proceed to repeat themselves throughout the film. Stallone and Getty weren't funny at all in the film, and I don't know how the filmmakers thought they were going to get people to laugh here. Want to get someone to confess to anything? Say "Stop! or you'll have to see 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot'".

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10 / 10

Could any mom be that dense?

I'm afraid that too much rests on the shoulders of Sylvester Stallone and Estelle Getty to really make Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot truly gel as a big screen comedy. The film plays more like a long episode of a television situation comedy. I don't believe a small screen TV series was ever contemplated. Stallone is no Rambo in this film, he's just your average working LA cop who is working on a case involving stolen gun trafficking. One fine day his mother from Newark drops in and just takes over, his job and even his love life. That gets a bit complicated too because he's involved in an open secret romance with his immediate superior Lt. Jo Beth Williams. Getty who is ever helpful decided to put Sly's service weapon into the laundry, to be fair he'd stashed it there and she does ruin it. But what are mom's for but to help in crisis. In making an illegal buy of a new and most illegal machine gun, she witnesses a murder of one of the men. It's the case Stallone is working, but we don't know that yet. Best scene is Sly trying to talk potential suicide Nathan Sadler down from a window ledge. Sadler has mommy issues, but when Getty takes over the microphone Sadler does change his mind deciding that Stallone has much bigger problems. Kudos also go to Dennis Burkley the surviving illegal gun dealer who a gang that murdered his brother because the two stole the weapons from them gets kind of adopted by Getty. Funny in spots, but more silly overall.

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