Strange Invaders


Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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April 9, 2019


June Lockhart as Twink Weatherby
Louise Fletcher as Barbara Moorehead
Nancy Allen as Lois
Wallace Shawn as Echidna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ctomvelu1 6 / 10 / 10

Lotsa fun and some real thrills

I reviewed this clever tribute to low-budget 1950s sci=fi flicks (most notably "Invaders From Mars") some years ago. Having just watched it again, I felt compelled to write it up one more time. The people who put this charming cult classic together definitely knew what they were doing: A big city college teacher (LeMat) goes searching for his missing ex-wife in a rural Midwest town, only to discover the town is populated by what appear to be very hostile aliens (for one thing, they love blowing up cars). The professor learns the aliens took over the town in the late 1950s, with our government's permission. One of the great gags in this delightful movie is that, 25 years later, nothing has changed in the occupied town. It's still full of hayseeds and sock hops and hideous American-made monster mobiles. A tabloid journalist (Allen) joins the professor in his search, and all hell breaks loose as the aliens attempt to keep their identity a secret. The supporting cast is populated by award-winning actors like Louise Fletcher, doing a variation on her legendary Nurse Wratchet (around the same time, she also appeared in a spoofy remake of "Invaders From Mars"), and Michael Lerner, whose woebegone character has lost his wife and kids to the aliens and has been locked away in the funny farm. The movie was clearly shot on a shoestring, with poor sound quality and way too many single takes (watch the little boy at the end put his right arm around his dad for a split second before dropping it and staring off-camera at what probably was one of his real-life parents). But the film also exhibits a unique charm and features some truly unnerving moments (dig the "Evil Dead" bit when the professor's dog, now a captive of the aliens, appears to rush back and forth past the professor on a lonely road, unseen but definitely there via incredible sound effects and unusual camera work. Also, some of the other effects are extremely satisfying in their crude way, such as a series of glowing orbs that hold the captive humans and the aliens' spaceship. Plus, the story's pace never slackens. There's something going on every second of this movie; there ain't no padding. The ending is utter hokum, but intentionally so, I suspect.

Reviewed by eichler2 4 / 10 / 10

More horror than sci-fi, and really bad either way

I like sci-fi movies, sometimes even bad ones, so when I saw this was coming on the MGM channel, I set up the DVR to record it. Took several days to watch it because I had to keep turning it off - I just couldn't believe how bad it was. Several other reviews call this a "homage" to '50s sci-fi movies. To me it seemed a lot more like a low-budget attempt to cash in on the popularity of E.T. and other sci-fi movies that had been packing theaters over the previous half-decade. This badly-made tale of invading space aliens was more of a gross-out horror flick than a sci-fi movie though. Way too many shots of people ripping their faces off to reveal slimy alien brains and whatnot underneath. There were a lot of recognizable actors in the movie, but their performances are pretty uniformly awful and flat, which makes me think the director had no idea what he was doing. The writing is cringe-inducingly bad and the film was apparently edited by a 10 year old with attention deficit disorder. And the soundtrack music - don't get me started. Most of it sounded like it was lifted from E.T. and it almost never matched what was actually going on in the movie. Wrap it all up with a happy ending that felt forced and tacked on, and which made very little sense after the evil way the aliens had been behaving the whole rest of the movie. The only thing saving this from a 1 star review is that some of the special effects aren't bad. I liked the glowing balls that the aliens turned people into. And if you go for gross, gory stuff, the aforementioned transformations from human to alien will be right up your alley. On the other hand, some of the effects (like the geyser of green blood from an alien that had been shot) are just as bad as the dialog, direction, acting, music and editing. My only question is how the Mystery Science Theater guys never got their hands on this movie.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 4 / 10 / 10

An homage to the '50s sci-fi B-movie...but are audiences today likely to get the joke?

Entomology professor from New York travels to rural town in Illinois to find his missing wife, unaware that aliens disguised as humans took over the community back in 1958--in a deal with the U.S. Government. Director Michael Laughlin, who also co-wrote the screenplay with William Condon, from a treatment by Laughlin, Condon and Walter Halsey Davis, apparently wanted to make an imitation 1950s monster movie--a valentine to the low-budget, sometimes-campy drive-in entries about alien invaders and their unsuspecting human targets--but his film doesn't transcend the formula. It's an interesting concept, however once we realize that the picture isn't going to stretch beyond its own cartoonish border, interest begins to fade. Clueless leading man Paul LeMat (looking like an overgrown adolescent) doesn't appear to be in on the joke, anyway, a bewilderment most modern audiences will likely share. ** from ****

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