Striking Distance


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Andre Braugher as Sergeant Carlos Diaz
Sarah Jessica Parker as Meredith Morton
Tom Sizemore as Moore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 7 / 10 / 10

Comic book cop thriller in Pittsburgh

Released in 1993, Bruce Willis' "Striking Distance" has a bad reputation. Roger Ebert tore it to pieces, basically saying it was too derivative and by-the-numbers, and Willis himself said he hated it. After finally seeing it I can understand criticism to a point. The story has a very melodramatic comic-book vibe, which is obvious in the opening act, almost like a TV production except with a superior cast and action scenes. But -- and this is an important but -- I quickly found myself drawn into the story & the characters and greatly enjoyed the Pittsburgh locations, the (melo)drama and the thrills. In other words, the movie IS entertaining and entertainment is the name of the game. The story revolves around Tom Hardy (Willis), a Pittsburgh detective who's demoted to police river rescue. A serial killer returns after a two-year absence and bodies of beautiful women start turning up in the river, all women whom Hardy used to date! Sarah Jessica Parker is on hand as Hardy's partner on the river. This is a cop thriller in the manner of the Dirty Harry series, except more comic booky and taking place in Pittsburgh rather than San Francisco. It's also reminiscent of films like "The General's Daughter." Although not technically as good as the Dirty Harry movies or "The General's Daughter" due to the cartoonishness, "Striking Distance" nevertheless pulled me into the lives of the characters and gave the requisite thrills. As such, I feel it's at least as good as some of the lesser Dirty Harry films. The generically-named movie was originally called "Three Rivers" -- a much better title simply because it's more specific -- but was changed at the last minute because the marketing department feared people would think it was a sports movie due to Three Rivers Stadium, so they switched it to "Striking Distance." Why? The first hint is at the beginning of the movie when the title card shows two electrical bolts coming out from either side of the title. Later we observe the mysterious killer using a stun gun before killing his victims and, with a stun gun, you must of course be within... striking distance! Speaking of the killer, one element of the plot I haven't mentioned is that this is a whodunit. Someone is charged with being the killer early on but Hardy knows it's the wrong guy; in fact, he and others are sure it's a cop or ex-cop doing the killings. There are a few suspects, including Hardy himself, but -- I'll be honest with you -- I was unable to guess the right person. There's another twist late in the story that also took me by surprise. The bottom line is that "Striking Distance" is a cop thriller that effectively entertains and that's what's most important when it comes to these types of movies. Plus it was shot in Pittsburgh, a refreshing change. The film runs 102 minutes. GRADE: B

Reviewed by undeaddt 10 / 10 / 10

For 1993, it is a pretty solid movie.

A typical Bruce Willis movie. Action, explosions, gunfire, swearing, fake cops and that is about it. The plot is nothing special, but at least there is a plot. There were some cringe scenes with him and S.J. Parker, but we all knew the movie couldn't end up without something like that.. all in all, not great, not bad, just good.

Reviewed by Cinema_Love 10 / 10 / 10

Bruce Willis dislikes this movie so much that I give 10 !

No i just don't give 10 because of that, it's no way a classic but a fun entertaining piece of movie... Bruce Willis tell in an interview that it's his worst film.... well why this and Mercury Rising who are very entertaining and different from his standard roles... maybe because it's different ! Let's see.... Willis must have said that sentence before making: Marauders, Precious Cargo, Extraction, Vice, The Prince , G.I. Joe: Retaliation, A Good Day to Die Hard, The Cold Light of Day, Lay the Favorite, Catch .44, Setup, Cop Out, Surrogates... maybe i forgot some... In the 90s, Bruce Willis was a king, long before being an has been who can't make a good film anymore and make it because of the pay check... maybe except Red and Death Wish (who is coming soon). In this film, it's violent, graphic some times, you get sex scenes... not a film for the kids. a real film for adults. and Rowdy Herrington (Road House, 1992 Gladiator) know that. He makes a film he want to watch with his wife or alone and have a good 90 minutes of film without thinking much. I won't go too much in details, but i'm a big fan of art, style and substance. While, this film has been criticize.... for what ? Being different from the usual action/thriller film we get in theatres ? This feels like the critics has been paid. That's what I say when I see a good film with unfair critic, and see the same similar product made in another company who get 4 star ratings.... and lot of time, it's less good !! Someone said it in the reviews: There is a original location (Pittsburgh), original occupation for male lead (river patrol), a story with great twists, one of the best car chase scenes ever, a great tugboat takeover scene with a cool shootout and timely humor, great performances by some really good actors: Sarah Jessica, Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore and Robert Pastorini. There is no reason why anyone would not enjoy this underrated treasure. The music is also great especially the eerie "little Red Riding Hood". I loved the fact that it was set on a river, it is quite original in that regard. Sure Bruce played basically the role as he did in many of his films such as "Die Hard" and "The Last Boy Scout" (both excellent films) but I say if its not broke don't fix it. Pure Movie Gold: "Striking Distance" !! Sorry bro to copy/paste what you have said about this underrated gem but i'm with you 100% and will continue to like and defend this film! Don't let the bad ratings fool you!

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