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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kanahuati-555-709867 10 / 10 / 10

Beautiful story, respect to all stuntmen and women

I loved the story and it's direction, didn't expect much and was surprised on how the story unveiled.

Reviewed by knight-26404 7 / 10 / 10


This is my first review on IMDB (am a 36yo Fijian male). While the majority of the movie watchers don't actively think about all the people it takes to successfully pull off practical (and dangerous) movie stunts, without such people (hey even entertainment wrestling takes much stunt skill) many movies would not feel awesome nor the face actors who ride on the dedicated efforts of the entire team. Watching Mr Braun and this documentary is simply a pleasure as the piece is honest (IMHO) where you can also start to feel what they feel. Well made doc (easy on the eyes, ears and mind) and doesn't insult anyone. Mr Braun is an awesome guy (he became my hero while I watched this as I don't know him, and yes I have many heroes, male and female). If you are also looking for a real view (sort of) into the stunt person life try this feature. It is inspiring because we will all die but what matters is how you lived. Thank you (gave 10 out of 10, but yeah it's no Shawshank but in doc standards, 10 from me).

Reviewed by vandrist 7 / 10 / 10

You Never Truly Retire From Being A Stuntman

A behind the scenes look of Eddie Braun as he attempts to recreate a famous Evel Knievel stunt. Shows a lot of what gets done behind the screen but also shows the toll it takes to be a stuntman for Eddie and his family. Definitely have a lot of appreciation for the under appreciated life of one of the top stuntman in the industry!! Worth a watch for anyone who has an appreciation for action movies!

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