Super Dark Times

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Amy Hargreaves as Amy Halbard
Anni Krueger as Natalie Rogers
Charlie Tahan as Little Jeff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dividedbyzach-863-786377 4 / 10 / 10

So many missed opportunities

Ugh. So many missed opportunities. So many unanswered questions. Such a shame, because this film had so much potential: Beautiful location, nice camera work, fine young actors. The action is inexplicably set in 1992 (another wasted opportunity) and a character is introduced who is so annoying (Is he autistic? Is he obnoxious on purpose?) that you're almost relieved when he dies. So now we've got the makings of a tight little coming of age neo-noir, right? Nope. The film meanders along for quite awhile before it occurs to you that THERE"S NO STORY! What was the motivation for the "murders"? Did he even do it? Why? What was the weed connection? What happened on the bridge? Things are so casually mentioned and never explained that by the conclusion (How did he survive multiple point blank stabbings??) you're just relieved that it's over. I kept watching, hoping it would get better, but it just didn't. I hope this director hammers out a better story and script before he makes his next film, because he clearly has talent that was wasted on this film.

Reviewed by Charles Camp 8 / 10 / 10

Whoa man, like, super dark

It's been awhile since I've seen a movie that started off quite promisingly only to go so absurdly off-the-rails. It's certainly a well-directed film with a strong grasp on tone and boasts a number of striking visuals and a haunting score. The first act was especially strong and, despite its dark content, evoked a sense of realism. Sadly, this is a quality that the film seemed to progressively lose with each passing minute, ultimately stumbling into a third act that felt completely forced and even nonsensical. The key character arc of the film just didn't work, plain and simple. His character wasn't established or developed enough to justify his actions and the result was a finale that felt hollow and exploitative. The movie takes itself incredibly seriously and for awhile it seems like it may justify that seriousness with something of substance. Instead, the effect is akin to a teen with a joint in his mouth saying "whoa man, super dark times. like, super dark." It's hard to even look at the title of the film without smirking now. Wish I could give it a higher score for its undeniable strengths, but alas that third act casts too dark a shadow. At the very least I can see this director going on to do some cool things, especially if he can get his hands on a better script. Strong 2/5

Reviewed by Jithin K Mohan 8 / 10 / 10

Super dark atmosphere

A brilliant directorial debut by Kevin Philips. From the opening shot itself, the super dark mood is created in this film set in the mid-90s. A lot is communicated using visuals and incidents that aren't directly related to the main plot which solidifies the atmosphere of the film. Owen Campbell lives and breathes as Zach, even his inhaling and exhaling was so perfect for the character at each particular moment. But the third act was not a well-written part of the film where the characters act upon motivations that feel rushed without proper transition and ends up like a lot of other films.

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