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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrissybubbletea 9 / 10 / 10

Full of twists and a thoroughly enjoyable watch

It was full of twists and was really enjoyable to watch. It is definitely the type of movie, you really have to give a chance and judge yourself not on online ratings. There is plenty of plot twists and a likeable cast. The story is deep and psychologically unravels the mind and dreams of a man. The production value was high and aesthetically pleasing. I'm glad I watched it without any prior knowledge on what it was about. Online reviews are decievingly low and not reflective of this quality movie.

Reviewed by bestford 7 / 10 / 10

Good find

This was quite an original film, the characters were good and kept you engrossed. The story was unique I haven't seen this dream types of films since inception or Freddie kruger. It was a very fantastical story which I enjoyed. Who wouldn't want to dream of gold and money. But there's always a price.

Reviewed by chris-gongola 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty decent movie

I think this movie was alright. The story was pretty good. It brushed upon some aspects of psychology and the causality effect of our choices. The characters aren't too bad and they could represent some typologies. Their thoughts, expressed through their speech, do offer us some hints of philosophy of life. And might even contain some small pearls of wisdom. I think it's worth a watch and an afterthought. Enjoy! :)

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