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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enviro 7 / 10 / 10

Lighten up folks! it's Disney!

This film is every bit as entertaining as any of the other Disney films of the 1959-1979 period. What do you want? You got your high jinx. You got your love story. You got your Kurt Russell. You got classic Bruno Kirby. You got your Bob Crane (Colonel Hogan, and unfairly slammed as an actor). You got your mad cap caper. You got your teenage conflict with authority. You got little kids laughing. Why are we looking for dramatic depth in a Disney kids movie? I watched this movie several times as a Disney movie of the week in the 70's. We even rented the 16mm version for display at youth conferences. All I have are fond memories and a wish for the video to be added to the other Disney Classics. Lighten up and go with the flow, man!

Reviewed by inkblot11 5 / 10 / 10

Super might be too strong a word but this is still a good-and-funny family movie!

Charlie (Bob Crane) is a harried human resources manager for a shipping company. His boss (Joe Flynn) is on his back constantly, for they are having union negotiation troubles. At home, Charlie is experiencing some problems, too, as his soon-to-be-an-adult daughter, Wendy, is spending the summer with her beach friends, including Bart (Kurt Russell). One day, a television psychologist recommends that parents become more involved in their children's lives. Taking this to heart, Charlie first joins the beach crowd, where he discovers beach volleyball and water skiing may be near-lethal activities. Then, Charlie decides that a college farther away from this group of kids would be a good idea for Wendy. He pulls strings and Wendy is admitted, although she would prefer to stay near Bart and the gang. Will Charlie never stop interfering in Wendy's life? This is a fun movie with some good messages, too. The scenes where Charlie sets out to mingle with the beach group are hysterical, as he tries to compete physically with the younger set. In that role, Crane is a stitch and should be commended for his work, despite the dark side we now know he was hiding, in real life. Russell is, as always, a "hunk with charisma" and as sunny natured as they come. The rest of the cast, including Flynn, Dick Van Patten, Barbara Rush, and especially, Bruno Kirby, are top notch. Do you long for the good old days, when movies were cleaner but still humorous and heart-warming? Try hard to locate this film or catch it on the Disney Channel. It has charms and lessons for just about everyone.

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10 / 10

Familiar Faces

Southern California lawyer Bob Crane (as Charlie McCready) doesn't like the potentially sexual relationship between beautiful blonde daughter Kathleen Cody (as Wendy) and beach bum boyfriend Kurt Russell (as Bart). First, Mr. Crane decides keep an eye on the kissing couple by joining the youngsters' beach partying gang. This results in some misadventures in water. Later, Crane conspires to send Ms. Cody to a faraway college. Not too smart. With her face and figure, Cody has no trouble attracting collegian attention, and becomes inadvertently engaged in a hippie gang protesting Crane's golfing business partners Joe Flynn (as Cyrus Hershberger) and Dick Van Patten (as Ira Kershaw)... "Superdad" is the generation gap seen through the rose-colored Disney lens, which results in a sharp focus on fluff. Canceled television series stars populate the cast. Most notably, Crane had escaped "Hogan's Heroes" and Cody emerged from "Dark Shadows" (both in 1971). Extending his teen years, Mr. Russell plays a secondary role, as does motherly Barbara Rush (as Sue), late of "Peyton Place" (1969). There is a quick pace, along with dependable amusements from all-purpose driver Bruno Kirby (as Stanley Schlimmer), hip octogenarian Judith Lowery (as Mother Barlow), and the Disney regulars. The studio held the film up in favor of "Charley and the Angel" (1973). Bobby Goldsboro's "These Are the Best Times" failed to chart. Nothing could help "Superdad" bridge the box office gap. ***** Superdad (12/14/73) Vincent McEveety ~ Bob Crane, Kathleen Cody, Kurt Russell, Barbara Rush

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