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Reviewed by MartianOctocretr5 3 / 10 / 10

Super Idiotic

The same extreme close-up footage of what appears to be a pit bull gorging on a blood rare piece of meat is inserted again and again with each kill. Considering how many kills there are in this trash fest, you'll become so familiar with the gator's incisors, you might start giving each tooth a name. Ridiculous and deranged. So much so, it begins to look like it's a parody, but I think the film actually took itself seriously. This is one of those flicks with so many outrageously stupid lines it could become a cult classic of the so-bad-it's-good kind. The acting is beyond atrocious. There's one Jessica Simpson look alike who is casually jogging around (looking like she's doing an episode of Bay Watch) through the forest after seeing two gruesome deaths. The skeptics she encounters recite lines like robots. There's three dimwitted twerps who flunked out of Animal House wandering around looking for an anti-drunkenness elixir. Then there's some whack lady (an unrecognizable Kelly McGillis) who wants to catch the thing. And some poor man's Capt. Ahab who also wants to croak it. Oh, and the vulcanologists who just stand around gossiping. I love the rampage scene, where the gator chases everything that moves. Red CGI splotch paint balls replace characters frequently; that's about the level of the CGI effects. The "volcano" looks like one of those science project things kids do. Characters with "Next victim" written on their faces always seem to fall down while running so the thing can devour them. Terrified extras screaming and running: straight out of an old Godzilla type flick. By this time, you're either rooting for the monster, or rolling on the floor in hysterics. Demented script, comically awful acting, brazenly sloppy special effects: this one is so amateurish, you have to see it to believe it.

Reviewed by Relaets 4 / 10 / 10

Pretty Awful, I loved it

This was pretty awful, but if you go in expecting something any different, you simply aren't too bright. Of course it's going to be bad, that's part of the fun. So I repeat - if you want to watch a GOOD movie, do not watch this. It's that simple. There's no reason anyone should be giving this one star and writing a bad review for it, because there is no reason you should have seen the movie if you wanted something decent. The plot was pretty much non-existent, like 10 or 20 other sci-fi channel movie plots, genetic engineering gone wrong, violence ensues. Save for one or two actresses (who are fortunately eaten very quickly), the acting was pretty decent, and some of the dialog between characters is actually pretty well written, it's almost a shame that no one lives long enough to develop their character. Special effects were so-so, exactly what you'd expect from a sci-fi channel original. Aside from the fact that it seemed to drastically change size throughout the movie, the 'supergator' was not bad at all. The blood however looked like it was put in with mspaint. You know the spraycan tool? It's like that. Perhaps they did this on purpose, so that when someone you liked gets eaten, you at least get the comic relief of ridiculous blood effects. Overall, it was very entertaining, an excellent movie to watch with friends on a Saturday night. If you really like the crumminess of other sci-fi channel movies, you will like this too. If you hate their movies, why on earth are you even looking this up?

Reviewed by caro_partridge 4 / 10 / 10

Could Do Better

This film is neither good or bad enough to be great. The premise is promising (for that sub-set of people who love creaturefeatures) - a prehistoric alligator, produced Jurassic-Park style via DNA from a fossil, running around a Hawaiian resort (which may or may not be about to volcanically explode) eating the tourists. And the great thing about alligator or crocodile films (again, for the lovers of such movies) is that nowhere is safe - the critters can be in the water! On land! Hiding in bushes! Anywhere the cast goes, the crocogator can follow. This usually makes for some great "reptile persecuting and chasing frightened teens" other movies. Personally, I'd ignore all the reviews about bad acting, bad CGI, low budget, eastern European cast, plot holes the size of Bulgaria, continuity errors etc - those are part and parcel of this genre, and should be celebrated rather than snottily mocked by those who - against all evidence and knowledge of the genre - apparently expected a high-quality movie. If one mocks creature-features for all of the above, then they all get a 1/10 rating - which ignores the fact that some are far more enjoyable than others. Unfortunately, although this movie features all of the above, it is not one of the good ones. Its main problem is that the writers have apparently mistaken premise for plot - although it (sort of) makes sense that the Supergator is there (because Kelly McGillis's company made it from a fossil), and that the volcanologists are there looking at the volcano, and that a variety of red-t-shirted and bikini-clad teens are there... that's not *plot*. It simply isn't enough to have a supergator running around eating the minor cast. There are no hooks - no tragic backstory, no budding romance, no egg-stealing teens, no black-shirted leering villains to die in the final gruesome scenes (Kelly McGillis didn't even have the grace to adopt a Bulgarian accent!) and not even a clear-cut hero and heroine. As a result, you simply have a few cast members pottering around the island for one-line reasons ("Let's visit the waterfall!" "Let's look at the volcano!" "Let's pose in our bikinis!" "Let's declare a vendetta against the supergator even though I have no stated reason for so doing!" etc), getting chewed up and spat out. It is, quite frankly, boring. There are a few nice touches - the typical homages to Jaws, some cheesy one-liners, a couple of spectacular deaths by Surprise Leaping Supergator - as well as the litany of amusing continuity errors, plot holes, superfluous bikinis, random lesbians, stereotypical (Quint-essential) old man with a vendetta etc. But none of those things are enough to make up for the lack of plot and character-development - hence we never get as far as caring what happens to any of them, and the suspense is virtually nil. Overall, I'd watch Crocodile 2: Death Roll instead!

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