Survival Island


Drama / Romance / Thriller

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March 15, 2021


Juan Pablo Di Pace as Heath Ramos
Kelly Brook as Lea
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Movie_Cat 5 / 10 / 10

Let's be honest here....

... how many people rented this movie just to see Kelly Brook's boobies? I did, and am not ashamed to admit it... well, much. Anyway, there's about three minutes max of boobies in the film's 90 minute runtime, albeit a lot of bikini shots throughout. Sure, it's shallow to view a film like that, but no one is really going to watch Three as an adult thriller, are they? With so-so acting, quite poor editing/continuity and a pointless voodoo subtext, this film rarely drags and is watchable throughout, albeit never particularly any good. I've seen plenty worse (for the genre, then "Swept Away", aka Ritchie's Folly springs to mind) and the characters are reasonably developed. Occasionally the script is trite, and you can't help but feel a little sympathetic for Jack (Billy Zane, Brook's real-life boyfriend) and the way he's been treated. Maybe it's Zane's vague likability in a boorish role that enables him to not become the villain he's meant to be. But we watched it for the boobies, right?

Reviewed by imdb-13841 1 / 10 / 10


Went to see this tonight with my wife and we were surprised at a couple of things which I think are worth mentioning. The film itself was quite watchable but not terribly chilling. Kelly Brook has certainly come on since her days presenting the Big Breakfast that's for sure. Her acting isn't out of the Meryl Streep school but she managed to carry the role fairly convincingly. Billy Zane was actually excellent as the paranoid and obsessed arrogant husband and Juan Pablo Di Pace was also good as the young Brazilian (or Spanish) love rival. The main problem with the film is the script. It is seriously flawed mainly due to the fact that the whole thing is based on the idea of a voodoo curse which Juan Pablo's ex imposes on him. The whole voodoo thing is totally unnecessary and actually inhibits the film's attempt at desert-island realism. Without it the film would have been much better. A jealous husband and a sexy young Brazilian boat-hand eyeing up his wife is story enough. The small twist at the end is sort of predictable but a nice touch anyway. The film could have done with a few more such twists and thought. Our score of 5/10 is about as much as we could muster on a wet Monday evening. The locations and cinematography were exotic and the sexy scenes were, well sexy. Kelly is a lovely looking girl and my wife said Juan Pablo isn't bad either!

Reviewed by alankaboot 1 / 10 / 10

What's this?

His wife betrays him for food with the one who burned their ship or their boat and eventually she is the heroine. What's this?

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